Your guide to living healthier and better in Chicago.

Studies have linked added sugar in the diet to an increased risk of chronic, low-grade inflammation.
The biggest problem with these is foods is that they tend to offer saturated fat and sodium with fewer nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fiber.
Dairy producers for years have called for the FDA to crack down on plant-based drinks and other products that they say masquerade as animal-based foods and cloud the real meaning of “milk.”
Creating positive habits and behaviors often starts with one simple change.
We’re talking about paying to hire a calligrapher for a fresh take on writing one’s own name in cursive on paper. A corner of TikTok, Instagram and other social media is dedicated to signature design, and it’s keeping practitioners busy.
Cleveland Clinic researcher, other experts will stay away from it after he found that people with the highest level in their blood had twice the risk of stroke, blood clot or death versus those with the lowest level.
The Lucira COVID-19 and Flu Home Test is a single-use test, which can be purchased without a prescription.
Their good taste can make it enjoyable to drink enough water. But are they healthy?
Respiratory syncytial virus infects nearly everyone by age 2, usually causing nothing beyond cold symptoms. But it’s also the top cause of hospitalizations among kids under 5.
Research shows the vitamin also has an anti-inflammatory effect, helps fight infection and can reduce cancer cell growth in some situations.
Here’s what medical evidence, experts and fans say about the practice, which dates back centuries.
The vaccines were more than 40% effective in preventing adults from getting sick enough from the flu that they had to go to a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital.
The airline says it’s making changes that will make it easier for parents and children to stay together on flights.
The fruit of the chestnut tree are spiky burrs that contain several brown, smooth-skinned nuts each. Inside is the cream-colored sweet flesh that has a potato-like texture.
There are no treatments to slow or stop the disease, but some interventions can help manage symptoms.
The pet owners in a recent study tended to have lower body-fat percentages, better blood pressure and a lower incidence of diabetes than those without pets.
Compared to people with consistent sleep duration, those whose sleep duration varied by more than two hours in the same week were 1.4 times more likely to have high levels of coronary artery calcium, a major contributor to heart attacks and strokes.
Swapping out less-healthy ingredients with those that pack more nutrition can make a big difference in your diet and lead to better health without skimping on flavor.
Why isn’t clear. The lead researcher thought he might find the opposite to be true, to explain declining sperm counts. He thinks the change might be explained by boys, like girls, reaching puberty earlier in recent years.
Consumer Reports tested 28 brands of dark chocolate bars. All contained both lead and cadmium; 18 were high in either. No amount of lead or cadmium is safe to ingest.
A previously announced plan to partner with more community clinics and nonprofits is complete. Mental health services will be offered at some libraries and O’Hare.
Juicing should be part of a balanced diet that includes fiber, lean proteins and healthy fats.
IBS is seen in women more often than in men, and it typically arises in people under 50.