Stefano Esposito

Staff reporter

Stefano Esposito is a staff reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times.

Beginning Monday, all Advocate Health Care locations will no longer limit the number of patient visitors or require face masks ‘under most circumstances,’ the health care system announced Friday.
The first route is planned between the airport and the Illinois Medical District.
Mr. Gardner donated tens of thousands of dollars to causes that sought to end gun violence and helped create the nonprofit Black On Black Love.
Lane closures on the Kennedy are expected to extend from the junction with the Edens Expressway south to Fullerton by Wednesday as a multi-year revamp gets underway.
The expansion of Tropic World is set to get underway in fall 2023 and be completed by 2025.
Medical students nationwide found out Friday where they will do their residencies.
A baby born after a partner’s death. The ‘Tamale Guy,’ left with a raspy voice but working a gain. A girl, 13, and a grandmother, both struggling with long COVID. A nurse, exhausted but pushing on. All share a sense of loss and a need to push on.
The scientists, at first, thought they’d discovered a new species.
Chicago’s public health commissioner and COVID-19 point person says she doesn’t get recognized as much as she used to. But that’s OK with her, especially given the “scary mail” she’s received.