“It was madness,” former coach Porter Moser says. “And it was pure joy.”
After passing on the best available linemen in free agency and moving out of Will Anderson territory in the draft, the Bears might not get a marquee player to fill one of their biggest needs — their NFL-worst pass rush — unless they get a chance to roll the dice on Georgia standout DT Jalen Carter.
On Sunday, Richardson will turn 54 and also coach his 73rd Hawks game — a sign of his debut season nearing its end. He’s proud of the team culture he has helped build in it, although learning how to manage his time has been challenging.
Does Opening Day really matter? Well, it’s worth the same in the standings as any other game.
A buck holding antlers in late March, goldfinch in spring and winter colors, the highlighted hiking at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana and American white pelicans on the Kankakee River are among the notes from around Chicago outdoors and beyond.
Friday night had all the makings of a take the foot off the gas game for the visiting Bulls, but with so much at stake this late in the season, maybe this roster is figuring it out.
Caruso has two games in Los Angeles coming up, and he’s prepared to hear the comparisons between himself and new Laker cult hero Austin Reaves — comparisons that Caruso finds unfair and inaccurate.
A review and overview of wild turkeys in Illinois — Ben Franklin to “increasing reproduction metrics” — going into the opening of the spring turkey hunting seasons.
While the team’s business side and the city will have to weather the controversy and any public-relations backlash coming from the project, the benefits to the Fire’s soccer side are obvious.
They don’t get much attention, but middle names often have special meanings, as this quiz shows.
“[I’m] going in [to training camp] with the same mentality I’ve always gone into something with. I’m going to put my head down and work as hard as I can,’’ Evans said.
Bet on it: Gamblers unsure what to make of the latest competition dreamed up by UFC mogul Dana White.
A ring-billed gull and the green Chicago River, a question on live bait and Braidwood Lake, football genius Jimmy Johnson and fishing and a carbon-neutral Bassmaster Classic are among the notes from around Chicago outdoors and beyond.
The verdict might still be out about whether Justin Fields can be the Bears’ franchise quarterback for the next decade, but there’s no doubting that he helped attract free agents to Halas Hall in the first few days of free agency.
It was a “pick your poison” night, as DeMar DeRozan finished with 49 points and Zach LaVine chipped in 39, becoming the highest-scoring duo performance in Bulls history.
What makes this Northwestern team better equipped to go a step further and do what the team in 2017 failed to by advancing to the Sweet 16?
Donovan knows that Ball will have a long and tough rehab process after this third surgery since joining the Bulls, but his hope is that all the hard work he’s gone through and setbacks he’s faced will lead to some good things.
Self, 60, hasn’t coached in a game since before the Big 12 tournament. The No. 1-seeded Jayhawks face Arkansas on Saturday.
Eileen Rice uses fishing as a unit to educate first graders and the culminating day of fishing is an event that changes lives. She will be inducted into the Illinois Outdoor Hall of Fame on April 6.
When the smoke cleared on this year’s free-agency period, there were two landing spots for the collective group of stars, the New York Liberty and the Las Vegas Aces. Both picked off the Sky’s championship players.
Notorious Oscar incident has us thinking about other streaks that involved uniformed players.
Dave Baldwin is trying to get to know the team’s supporters and strengthen links with corporate partners.
Bet on it: Storied gambler has won money worldwide on backgammon, blackjack and breast implants
A herd of look-alike deer in Crete, what do to about a nuisance bobcat, Illinois’ last wild elk and no-ice impacts on Put-in-Bay island on Lake Erie are among the notes from around Chicago outdoors and beyond.
It’s up to general manager Ryan Poles to find the line between caution and taking a big swing at a player he needs. The free-agency frenzy starts Monday.
The Wildcats’ next game, wherever it is and against whomever it is, easily could be their last. But doesn’t the end always come too soon?