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Views from outside contributors on issues relevant to Sun-Times readers.

Under the Climate & Equitable Jobs Act, work force hubs will work with local nonprofits to identify and train candidates, including returning residents, for training in clean energy jobs.
Neuroscience teaches us that chronic stress and trauma changes our brain, by impacting emotional regulation, executive functioning and relationships. How school administrators responds to this knowledge matters.
The FOP has, without exception, vociferously opposed every proposed police reform and effort to obtain police transparency.
Moms for Liberty is one example of groups that are behind censorship efforts in many states. What they and other groups like them are claiming is their prerogative to decide what is right not just for their kids, but for your kids
House member John Anderson of Rockford, Illinois was one of three moderate Republicans who found their way to the top of the conservative hit list in ‘78.
As a former college instructor, I just don’t buy it. If they are to be paid employees, drop the pretense of them being students. And then there is no reason for them to be provided with room and board.
The state’s Predatory Loan Prevention Act is working, we need to protect it, and the pawn industry must be included.
The Biden administration plan to impose a child care requirement on the semiconductor industry is a start.
Our defects aren’t sources of shame — they are opportunities to improve.
Replacing lead water pipes and protecting the Lake Michigan shoreline are just two challenges the next mayor will face.
Real solutions take time, hard work, collaboration and a lot of patience. In Back of the Yards, we start construction this spring using more than $35.5 million in private investment and $21 million in city support.
As sports betting comes to colleges and universities, schools will inevitably have to deal with some of the negative aspects of gambling, including addiction and the potential for student-athletes and coaches to become targets of threats.
There has been a lot of talk about noncompliance with the court-mandated consent decree, but the truth is that while consent decree compliance is a requirement, it should be the floor and not the ceiling. True reform has to be the goal of the next superintendent.
Ending money bail in Illinois would have disastrous consequences for public safety and the functioning of the justice system.
If the 2,709 pedestrians and 1,723 bicyclists hit by cars in 2022 have auto insurance, they should call their insurance representatives to see if they qualify for help with their medical bills.
More than one in five U.S. families holds student loan debt, with a disproportionate burden falling on Black and Brown families.
It’s unfair and costly to consumers to allow gas companies to get away with not providing basic transparency and safety information to consumers and regulators.
The importance of having access to guaranteed paid leave cannot be overstated.
Before students consider themselves readers, they must first see themselves as successful at reading. We greatly diminish those odds by removing school libraries and educators dedicated to that endeavor.
Politicians and organizations are leading the way for official recognition of the ERA, which was ratified in 2020.
The Illinois CURE Act would allow individuals to try a new alternative form of treatment that is safer and potentially more effective in treating their symptoms.
Today, trucks carry the largest percentage of hazardous materials shipped in the U.S. Federal data shows hazmat trucking accidents represent more fatalities and property damage than train derailments.
The car’s grip over city planning has been difficult to dislodge, despite a host of costs to the environment and to the quality of life for many city dwellers.