Murals and Mosaics

A series that aims to capture, catalogue and celebrate the beauty of Chicago’s streets, as seen through its public art.

Javier Sanchez, who goes by Azuna, says his painting is intended to convey ‘empowerment no matter who you are or what you do’ and that ‘you can do your dreams.’
Matthew Mederer made the brick facade of the building at 2600 W. Fullerton Ave. seem to fall away to reveal frogs inspired by the coquís of Puerto Rico.

Interactive map of Chicago’s murals and mosaics

Each point on the map is clickable, with a photo, description and sometimes a link to a story about the mural. You can zoom in to focus on a particular neighborhood or suburb.

After more than 100 years, the vibrancy of the windows and the mural were hidden by dirt, leading supporters of the church to embark on a campaign to restore the artistic treasures to their original glory.