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Chicago Sun-Times Movie and Streaming Reviews
Review Link Review Date
‘Eat the Rich’: Difficulty level’s low in Netflix doc explaining the bizarre surge of GameStop stock 9/26/2022
Overwrought, overlong ‘Blonde’ depicts Marilyn Monroe’s life as a joyless nightmare 9/22/2022
‘Meet Cute’: Kaley Cuoco uses time travel to woo Pete Davidson in smart rom-com 9/21/2022
‘Shadowland’: Illuminating docuseries sizes up conspiracy theorists and the suffering they cause 9/21/2022
‘Don’t Worry Darling’: A cheap parlor trick of a plot lies beneath thriller’s great-looking exterior 9/21/2022
Funny ‘Reboot’ imagines the antics when an old sitcom gets the gang back together 9/19/2022
‘Pearl’: Disturbed farm girl acts out in fantastically twisted prequel to the horror hit ‘X’ 9/15/2022
‘See How They Run’: Meta mystery builds a sillier ‘Mousetrap’ 9/15/2022
‘The Silent Twins’: Duo’s bio has a story that engages but a style that repels 9/15/2022
‘Do Revenge’: Pranks too cruel, stars too old in Netflix high school movie 9/15/2022
‘The Woman King’: Viola Davis, co-stars put ordinary war movie in a class by itself 9/14/2022
‘Confess, Fletch’: Jon Hamm makes terrific debut as the snarky snoop 9/14/2022
‘Sins of Our Mother’: Netflix doc traces Lori Vallow’s descent from doting mom to delusional crackpot to suspected killer 9/13/2022
‘Monarch’: Fox show’s a little bit country, a little bit daytime soap 9/9/2022
‘Clerks III’: Quick Stop characters we first met in 1994 still amuse and impress 9/9/2022
‘Pinocchio’: Visuals, performances make live-action film a worthy Disney creation 9/8/2022
‘End of the Road’: Finally, a Netflix thriller that works, thanks to Queen Latifah 9/8/2022
‘American Gigolo’: Showtime series turns movie into glossy but irresistible melodrama 9/7/2022
‘Gutsy’: On uplifting Apple TV+ series, Clintons spotlight women who inspire, from a conservationist to a Kardashian 9/7/2022
‘The Anthrax Attacks’: Documentary’s risky technique works in recalling the other terrorism scare of 2001 9/6/2022
‘House of Hammer’ makes the case that movie star could be a monster 9/2/2022
‘The Good Boss’ jabs a smug CEO who hides his incompetence behind a smile 9/1/2022
John McEnroe can be serious, and Showtime doc proves it 9/1/2022
‘Honk For Jesus’: Leaders of disgraced church attempt a comeback in a comedy light on laughs 8/31/2022
‘Rings of Power’: There’s some good in this world, and it’s worth watching for 8/31/2022
In warmhearted ‘Gigi & Nate,’ a monkey helps a paralyzed man — and concerns others 8/31/2022
‘The Patient’ a breakthrough for Steve Carell, playing a shrink kidnapped by a serial killer 8/29/2022
‘Samaritan’: Stallone proves his star powers in a modest superhero universe 8/25/2022
Kevin Hart’s ‘Me Time’ a waste of Your Time 8/25/2022
‘Breaking’: In tense thriller, a desperate ex-Marine takes hostages to get his VA money 8/24/2022
Flashy ‘Mike’ miniseries depicts both feats and flaws of the polarizing boxer 8/24/2022
‘Three Thousand Years of Longing’: Idris Elba arrives to grant wishes in meandering fantasy 8/24/2022
‘Welcome to Wrexham’: Fascinating FX series follows Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney on quest to rebuild a soccer team 8/23/2022
‘Chad and JT Go Deep’: Pranksters achieve moments of hilarity playing idiot activists in California 8/22/2022
‘Spin Me Round’: Erratic pasta-restaurant comedy doesn’t quite stick 8/19/2022
‘Beast’: Revenge-minded lion hunts Idris Elba in a gorgeous but goofy horror safari 8/18/2022
‘House of the Dragon’: HBO’s entertaining prequel has all the gore, gravity and gut-punch power of ‘Game of Thrones’ 8/18/2022
‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ a campy and straightforward entertaining entry in the Marvel saga 8/17/2022
‘Look Both Ways’: It’s two fun romcoms in one as Netflix film shows a pair of paths for heroine 8/17/2022
Brilliantly acted, written ‘Bad Sisters’ is wildly appealing series 8/15/2022
‘The Princess’: HBO’s mash-up of old Diana footage tells us nothing 8/12/2022
Solid Netflix doc takes no sides in revisiting Manti Te’o and his girlfriend hoax 8/12/2022
‘Five Days at Memorial’: How Katrina forced life-or-death decisions at a New Orleans hospital 8/11/2022
‘Day Shift’: Jamie Foxx hunts vampires in humdrum Netflix action film 8/11/2022
‘Emily the Criminal’: Aubrey Plaza takes up credit card fraud in a performance several points above prime 8/10/2022
‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ a smart horror comedy about some very dumb people 8/9/2022
‘I Just Killed My Dad’: Strong true-crime series recalls a teen’s violent response to years of abuse 8/8/2022
‘The Sandman’ finally comes to life with dream cast and surreal visuals 8/5/2022
‘I Love My Dad’: Not much funny about a cruel man tricking his suicidal son 8/4/2022
‘Prey’: Terrific Hulu action film pits rising star against the Predator 8/4/2022
‘Sharp Stick’: Everyone in Lena Dunham’s troublesome film starts out lost, stays there 8/4/2022
‘They/Them’: Slasher stalks LGBTQ teens at a ‘conversion’ camp in Peacock’s twisty horror movie 8/3/2022
Wildly entertaining ‘Bullet Train’ handles its plot turns with finesse 8/2/2022
‘Paper Girls’: Time-traveling tweens repeat themselves in sluggish sci-fi series 7/29/2022
‘Thirteen Lives’: Ron Howard’s film depicts Thai cave rescue at both epic and intimate scale 7/28/2022
‘Not Okay’: Social media movie has logic problems but also much to like 7/28/2022
‘Alone Together’: As COVID-19 starts a pandemic, Katie Holmes starts a sweet relationship 7/28/2022
‘Vengeance’: Many funny moments in B.J. Novak’s satire of a connected but disconnected world 7/27/2022
‘The Wheel’ spins the story of a trip that could make or break a marriage 7/22/2022
‘The Last Movie Stars’: Candid series explores the lives of married virtuosos Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward 7/20/2022
‘Nope’: Every moment matters in Jordan Peele’s exhilarating new horror fable 7/20/2022
‘The Day The Music Died’: Don McLean shares his ‘American Pie’ recipe in thorough documentary 7/18/2022
‘Gone in the Night’ takes the woodsy horror theme to a strange but forgettable place 7/15/2022
‘The Gray Man,’ bloated and brain-dead, wastes money, talent and your time 7/14/2022
‘Persuasion’: Breezy romance updates Jane Austen novel with modern language and rhythms 7/13/2022
‘Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons’: Doc explores the brand’s boom years, its dark side and its Jeffrey Epstein connection 7/13/2022
‘Where the Crawdads Sing’: Arrest draws a recluse out of her wetlands isolation in uneven but well-acted period piece 7/13/2022
‘Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris’: ’50s widow vows to wear a Dior gown in feel-good Brit-com 7/12/2022
‘D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?’ documentary finds the right tone, but doesn’t find the hijacker 7/11/2022
‘Black Bird’: One inmate tries to outwit the other in taut prison series on Apple TV+ 7/7/2022
‘Hello, Goodbye’: On Netflix, a teen love story that’s sweet, wholesome and lighter than air 7/6/2022
‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ a campy letdown after the rewards of ‘Ragnarok’ 7/6/2022
‘Moonhaven’: Clunky sci-fi series revolves around a lunar colony fraught with mystery 7/6/2022
‘Girl in the Picture’ makes sense of a senseless, complex crime 7/5/2022
‘America the Beautiful’: Gorgeous nature series offers so much to see, from sea to shining sea 7/3/2022
‘Most Guys Are Losers’: Boyfriend meets the Naperville parents in a sweet Midwestern rom-com 7/1/2022
‘The Terminal List’: Military thriller’s emotional demands prove too much for Chris Pratt 6/30/2022
‘The Forgiven’: Chastain, Fiennes perfectly cast as a privileged pair due for some comeuppance 6/29/2022
‘Mr. Malcolm’s List’ a pleasant love story in the age of ‘Bridgerton’ — but tamer 6/28/2022
‘Only Murders in the Building’: Satisfying series returns with Short, Martin and Gomez now the suspects 6/27/2022
‘Right to Offend’: How generations of Black comedians turned hot-button issues into hilarity 6/27/2022
‘Loot’ a rich showcase for Maya Rudolph’s genius 6/24/2022
‘The Man from Toronto’ wastes the talents of Woody Harrelson, Kevin Hart 6/23/2022
From the haunting scares to the ’70s vibe, ‘The Black Phone’ gets everything right 6/22/2022
‘Snowflake Mountain’: A contrived Netflix reality show as dumb as all the others 6/21/2022
‘The Bear’: Darkly funny Chicago restaurant show demands to be devoured 6/21/2022
Plainfield comedian Joel Kim Booster charms in first Netflix special, ‘Psychosexual’ 6/20/2022
In ‘Elvis,’ Baz Luhrmann brilliantly floods our senses with arresting sights and sounds 6/20/2022
‘Mind Over Murder’ details the crime and punishments that still divide Beatrice, Nebraska 6/17/2022
‘Spiderhead’: Chris Hemsworth’s pharma thriller on Netflix has idiocy in its veins 6/16/2022
‘Lightyear’: He’s not a toy, he’s a space ranger in film offering stunning animation and thoughtful messages 6/16/2022
‘Cha Cha Real Smooth’: Recent college grad looks for his destiny in a smart, offbeat film 6/15/2022
‘The Old Man’: Jeff Bridges spy story swings from amazing action to far-fetched plot and back 6/14/2022
‘Halftime’: Jennifer Lopez doc seems to bare some but not all 6/13/2022
‘Dirty Daddy’: Top comedians get deep, and sometimes dark, in remembering Bob Saget 6/10/2022
‘The Phantom of the Open’: A Cinderella golfer, outta nowhere, makes the British Open 6/9/2022
‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ a huge, lumbering adventure with a brain the size of a walnut 6/8/2022
‘Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey’: Engrossing series on Warren Jeffs cult plays out like a horror movie 6/7/2022
‘Ms. Marvel’ brings powerful teen to life with humor and high energy 6/7/2022
‘Relative’: Three eventful days shake up a Chicago family in well-written, witty drama 6/7/2022
‘The Janes’ details how brave Chicago women offered safe abortions before they were legal 6/6/2022
‘18 1/2’: Yes, another Watergate movie, but this one’s fun and totally fictional 6/3/2022
‘Irma Vep’: HBO’s byzantine showbiz satire full of wonderful chaos 6/3/2022
‘Skate or Die’: A young Chicagoan counts on his skateboard to get him to a better life 6/2/2022
‘Hollywood Stargirl’: Likable Disney+ teen brings some sparkle to Tinseltown 6/2/2022
‘Hustle’: Adam Sandler well-cast in a basketball drama that rings true 6/2/2022
‘Crimes of the Future’: Commentary’s sharp and so are the scalpels in the year’s freakiest film 6/1/2022
Sex Pistols story spills out in a fast-paced, aggressive bio on Hulu 5/31/2022
With no stage and no audience, Norm Macdonald still makes the jokes stick 5/30/2022
Ewan McGregor a force to be reckoned with in ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ two-part series premiere 5/27/2022
‘Top Gun: Maverick’ follows the original movie’s flight pattern, and that’s how we want it 5/24/2022
‘Emergency’ boldly raises the stakes of a wild college comedy 5/20/2022
With straight talk, amazing stats and barely a whiff of scandal, documentary gives Nolan Ryan his due 5/20/2022
‘Men’: There’s more than one message in horror film’s disturbing, inventive imagery 5/19/2022
‘Angelyne’ gives the Hollywood treatment to a strange Hollywood icon 5/19/2022
‘George Carlin’s American Dream’ reminds us the comedian could be a riot while also being right 5/19/2022
‘Night Sky’ a flawed sci-fi series worth seeing for the chemistry of two great actors 5/18/2022
‘Downton Abbey’ gang deals with an intrusive film crew in the latest endearing sequel 5/17/2022
‘Senior Year’: Cheesy comedy puts Rebel Wilson in high school at 37 5/13/2022
‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ remake turns lovely novel into a creepy, convoluted mess 5/13/2022
‘The Essex Serpent’: Dreary detours stop the momentum of classy but murky Apple TV+ series 5/12/2022
‘Firestarter’: Dark tone, solid acting ignite Stephen King thriller 5/12/2022
‘The Lincoln Lawyer,’ fun and familiar, feels like the network cop shows of old 5/11/2022
‘Our Father’: Netflix film uses fertility doctor’s own words to explain his sickening secret 5/10/2022
‘Candy’ clarifies why two housewives were unhappy, and why one chopped up the other 5/6/2022
‘The Big Conn’: How a flashy Kentucky lawyer got caught swindling millions from Social Security 5/5/2022
‘The Pentaverate’: Mike Myers makes another multi-character showcase, and it’s not worthy 5/5/2022
‘Operation Mincemeat’: A dead body dupes the Nazis in stylish film that’s sometimes heavy, sometimes crazy 5/5/2022
‘The Staircase’: Colin Firth breaks bad as a real-life liar, cheater and possibly killer 5/3/2022
‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ takes Marvel to a macabre place 5/3/2022
‘I Love That For You’: Vanessa Bayer’s sitcom isn’t as funny as she is 4/29/2022
‘Under the Banner of Heaven’: Acting the main draw for series on shocking Utah murders 4/28/2022
Final ‘Ozark’ episodes have to be binged to be believed 4/28/2022
‘Shining Girls’ works as both mind-bending thriller and accurate flashback to ’90s Chicago 4/28/2022
‘The Offer’ takes too long, gets too silly in dramatizing the making of ‘The Godfather’ 4/27/2022
‘Memory’: Liam Neeson fires off another action movie, and this one hits the mark 4/27/2022
‘The Survivor’: Ben Foster does haunting work as a boxer forced to make an unspeakable choice at Auschwitz 4/26/2022
‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ lands on a lighter approach to the alien story 4/22/2022
‘We Own This City’ brings ‘The Wire’ team back to Baltimore for brilliant take on police corruption 4/22/2022
‘Captive Audience’ recalls the awful aftermath when a kidnapped boy came home 4/21/2022
‘Gaslit’: Julia Roberts skillfully settles into the ’70s as Martha Mitchell, a Watergate wife who wouldn’t be silent 4/21/2022
‘The Northman’: Alexander Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman get fierce in a boldly bloody Viking saga 4/20/2022
‘The Bad Guys’ gives some good lines to its animated animals 4/20/2022
‘Unbearable Weight’: A kooky Nicolas Cage movie entertains but could have been kookier 4/20/2022
Showtime series skims the surface of three compelling women’s stories in ‘The First Lady’ 4/14/2022
‘Better Call Saul,’ Bob Odenkirk are back and better than ever for Season 6 of exceptional series 4/14/2022
‘Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore’ casts a revival spell on the wizarding franchise 4/13/2022
Engrossing ‘Outer Range’ wrangles a ranch family into the unknown, like a supernatural ‘Yellowstone’ 4/13/2022
‘Father Stu’: Warmhearted priest biopic stars two men who know about seeking redemption 4/12/2022
Powerful ‘61st Street’ takes on Chicago’s polarizing issues with gravity and authenticity 4/7/2022
‘As They Made Us’: Mayim Bialik directs her first feature, and it’s a bummer 4/6/2022
‘All the Old Knives’: Chris Pine, Thandiwe Newton play hot spies revisiting a cold case 4/6/2022
‘Tokyo Vice’: An American investigates the ways of the Yakuza in pulse-pounding HBO Max series 4/5/2022
‘Ambulance’ takes a long, long trip through the action movie cliches 4/5/2022
‘The Bubble’ spoofs pandemic and Hollywood with broad, dino-sized humor 4/1/2022
‘How We Roll’ sweetly follows a formula as well-worn as rented shoes 3/31/2022
‘Moon Knight’: Oscar Isaac has fun waking up to the superhero inside him 3/30/2022
Made with love, HBO Max series details how Julia Child revolutionized cooking for millions 3/30/2022
‘Morbius’: Even with Jared Leto and bat DNA injections, second-tier Marvel movie never takes off 3/30/2022
‘The Girl From Plainville’: Elle Fanning earns our pity as the teen who drove a friend to suicide 3/29/2022
Masterful ‘Pachinko’ spans generations in a story of the forces that shape a family 3/24/2022
‘Infinite Storm’: A resonant ending elevates Naomi Watts’ mountain thriller 3/23/2022
In Season Two, ‘Bridgerton’ isn’t as fresh but still gratifies 3/23/2022
‘The Lost City’: Sandra Bullock squanders her screwball skills on a flat action rom-com 3/22/2022
‘Windfall’: Woman sees her husband at his worst in tightly spun break-in drama 3/18/2022
‘X’ marks a smart, inventive take on gory horror and old-school porn 3/17/2022
‘Life & Beth’: Amy Schumer both amusing and involving as a woman looking inward 3/17/2022
‘The Outfit’: Mark Rylance keeps us guessing as a low-key Chicago tailor bullied by mobsters 3/16/2022
‘Deep Water’: Ben Affleck seems bored playing another unhappy husband 3/16/2022
‘DMZ’ moves fast in a future when the USA is split and the rebels are ripped 3/16/2022
‘The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey’: Samuel L. Jackson lowers the volume as a man getting his memories back 3/10/2022
‘Bust Down’: Casino crew deals raunchy humor on some heavy topics 3/9/2022
‘Turning Red’: Our little girl is becoming a ... panda? 3/9/2022
‘The Adam Project’: In fun time-hopping adventure, Ryan Reynolds joins forces with his younger self 3/9/2022
‘The Thing About Pam’: Renée Zellweger transforms in a darkly funny true-crime series 3/7/2022
‘JFK: Destiny Betrayed’: Oliver Stone digs even deeper into his conspiracy theories 3/7/2022
‘Shining Vale’: As an author bonding with a dead housewife, Courteney Cox is the best part of uneven horror comedy 3/4/2022
‘Winning Time’: Fun HBO series on ’80s Lakers as flashy as the team 3/3/2022
‘The Dropout’: Amanda Seyfried right on the money as the tech world’s billion-dollar swindler 3/3/2022
‘Joe vs. Carole’ revives ‘Tiger King,’ a cat story that has run out of lives 3/2/2022
‘After Yang’: A child’s robot crashes, and revelations result 3/1/2022
‘The Batman’: Bruce Wayne broods over both his identities in a stripped-down, rain-soaked superhero noir 2/28/2022
‘Super Pumped’: Showtime’s slick series on the CEO of Uber really goes places 2/25/2022
‘Cyrano’: Peter Dinklage a marvel as the master of words, swords — and song 2/24/2022
‘The Desperate Hour’: Naomi Watts displays her range in a one-woman show, more or less 2/24/2022
‘The Godfather’: 50 ways to love the masterpiece as it nears half a century 2/23/2022
‘Studio 666’: Foo Fighters take a stab at horror, with goofy, gory results 2/23/2022
Frederick Douglass’ provocative words crackle in HBO documentary 2/21/2022
‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’: Hipsters irritate the wrong guy in humdrum horror sequel 2/18/2022
‘Downfall’: Chilling documentary makes a case that Boeing’s greed cost hundreds of lives 2/17/2022
‘Dog’ shows off no new tricks but nails the old ones 2/17/2022
‘Severance’: Clock ticks slowly in Apple TV+’s freaky, futuristic workplace 2/16/2022
‘The Cursed’ a creepy, stylish horror gem rooted in history 2/15/2022
‘Uncharted’: Tom Holland adventure tries to be everything, succeeds at very little 2/15/2022
‘Bel-Air’: ‘Fresh Prince’ as a drama isn’t a bad idea, but does it have to be so dour? 2/11/2022
‘jeen-yuhs’: Ye has nothing to fear from vintage video of young, little-known Kanye West 2/10/2022
‘Marry Me’ a third-rate rom-com to leave at the altar 2/10/2022
‘Blacklight’: Liam Neeson’s a tough guy again, this time with a Dodge Charger and OCD 2/10/2022
‘Death on the Nile’: Juicy Poirot whodunit solves mysteries of a murder and a mustache 2/9/2022
‘Kimi’: Zoë Kravitz clicks as a tech nerd who avoids public places — until she can’t 2/9/2022
‘Profiled’ studies history’s myths about race, and the Black men now proving them wrong 2/7/2022
‘Suspicion’: Who did the kidnapping? Who cares? 2/3/2022
‘Moonfall’: Not much gravity in this loony lunar disaster movie 2/3/2022
‘Murderville’: Stars must think on their feet on Netflix’s goofy detective comedy 2/2/2022
‘Jackass Forever’: Now that cringey stunts are everywhere, the original shtick lacks kick 2/2/2022
Watching ‘Pam & Tommy,’ we pity the actress and tire of her husband 2/1/2022
Terry Bradshaw throws some light on his career in HBO special ‘Going Deep’ 1/28/2022
On Janet Jackson documentary, the discreet singer (almost) tells all for you 1/27/2022
‘The Afterparty’ skips through genres on the way to solving a witty murder mystery 1/27/2022
‘Woman in the House ...’ mocks the women in the thrillers — hilariously 1/26/2022
‘The Fallout’: Stark teen film focuses not on school shooting, but on the aftermath 1/26/2022
‘The Gilded Age’: Another smart, lavish period piece from ‘Downton Abbey’ creator 1/24/2022
‘Secrets of Playboy’ recalls the ugly side of Hefner’s empire of beauty 1/22/2022
‘As We See It’: The funny, moving adventures of three roommates on the autistic spectrum 1/20/2022
Part history, part fantasy, ‘The King’s Daughter’ dwells where nonsense reigns 1/20/2022
In Season Four, blood and betrayal run through the ‘Ozark’ mountains 1/19/2022
‘Jockey’ a small but strong movie about a small but strong athlete 1/18/2022
On the superb HBO series ‘Somebody, Somewhere,’ a Kansas woman struggles to fit in 1/14/2022
‘Ray Donovan’ movie sends off the haunted antihero in style 1/13/2022
Clever new ‘Scream’ finds the perfect balance of the vintage and the fresh 1/12/2022
‘Wolf Like Me’: Peacock series about mysterious relationship doesn’t end well 1/12/2022
‘My Mom, Your Dad’: Their college-age children play matchmaker for the middle-aged on likable reality show 1/11/2022
‘Peacemaker’: John Cena a hilarious bonehead on twisted superhero series 1/10/2022
‘Euphoria’: Searing Season 2 demands, deserves your attention 1/9/2022
‘A Hero’ keeps up with a man who can’t keep his story straight 1/6/2022
‘The 355’ subjects big stars to the same old secret-agent cliches 1/6/2022
‘Women of the Movement’ powerfully portrays the inspiring story of Emmett Till’s mother 1/5/2022
‘Parallel Mothers’: Almodóvar smoothly delivers twin stories in the maternity ward 1/5/2022
The glory days never fade in the remarkable, ridiculous dojos of ‘Cobra Kai’ 12/30/2021
‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’: Denzel Washington, Frances McDormand star in lean, pristine Shakespeare 12/23/2021
‘Licorice Pizza’: Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1970s ensemble film never stops entertaining 12/22/2021
‘American Underdog’ tells Kurt Warner’s story, from undrafted to unequaled, in wholesome fashion 12/22/2021
‘The Tender Bar’: Ben Affleck scores again as a barkeep dispensing wisdom with the whiskey 12/21/2021
‘The Matrix Resurrections’ frustrates as often as it thrills 12/21/2021
‘The King’s Man’: Part satire, part adventure, prequel fails at both 12/20/2021
‘1883’: Brilliant ‘Yellowstone’ prequel portrays an era of open spaces, constant dangers 12/19/2021
‘The Lost Daughter’: Maggie Gyllenhaal directs chilling psychological drama set at a beach getaway 12/16/2021
‘Swan Song’: Dying Mahershala Ali debates whether to send in the clone 12/16/2021
‘Red Rocket’: ‘Florida Project’ director makes a gem about a cad who can’t be trusted 12/15/2021
‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’: Marvel hero takes an existential turn in innovative new adventure 12/14/2021
‘Nightmare Alley’: A great, great movie about some bad, bad people 12/13/2021
‘And Just Like That’: Smart sequel reminds us why we love ‘Sex and the City’ squad 12/9/2021
‘National Champions’: College QB revolts in sports drama that keeps straying out of bounds 12/9/2021
‘Being the Ricardos’: Nicole Kidman amazes as the Lucy easy to love and the Lucy hard as nails 12/9/2021
‘Mr. Saturday Night’: How an Aussie impresario caught disco fever and made a movie classic 12/8/2021
‘Don’t Look Up’: Broad humor undermines satire about a country in denial 12/7/2021
‘West Side Story’: In Spielberg’s hands, the classic musical feels wonderful, witty and bright 12/6/2021
‘Harlem’: If only everyone could have friends as funny and likable as these 12/3/2021
‘Landscapers’: Clever HBO series knows where bodies are buried — in a British backyard 12/3/2021
‘Wolf’ brings out the animal in some fine young actors 12/2/2021
‘8-Bit Christmas’: This ’80s Chicago gamer movie is rated E for everyone 12/1/2021
‘Christmas With Felicity’ showcases Chicago suburbs as gorgeous winter wonderlands 12/1/2021
‘Christmas Again’: Scarlett Estevez gets into the spirit as Chicago kid having a yuletide Groundhog Day 12/1/2021
‘Silent Night’: Brits have a holly jolly apocalypse in deadpan Christmas comedy 12/1/2021
‘The Beatles: Get Back’: Candid documentary captures frustrations — and fun — of ‘Let It Be’ sessions 11/25/2021
‘The Unforgivable’: Sandra Bullock parole drama a high-prestige letdown 11/24/2021
‘The Humans’ sets the table for a funny, harrowing Thanksgiving 11/23/2021
‘Hawkeye’ another sharp arrow in the Marvel quiver 11/23/2021
‘Encanto’: Joyful, colorful Disney musical teaches the value of family 11/22/2021
‘House of Gucci’: Stitching together lots of material, prestige murder movie still feels flimsy 11/22/2021
‘C’mon C’mon’: Joaquin Phoenix drops the clown act, gets real 11/21/2021
‘Malfunction’: Janet Jackson documentary exposes very little about halftime scandal 11/19/2021
‘King Richard’: Will Smith finds his sweetspot as the haggard, hardball dad of Venus and Serena Williams 11/18/2021
‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’: 4 freshmen get oriented toward adulthood in sweet HBO Max series 11/17/2021
‘Bruised’: The movie flails, but Halle Berry makes a solid MMA fighter 11/16/2021
‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’: A good story is key, and this sequel doesn’t have it 11/16/2021
‘The Power of the Dog’: Benedict Cumberbatch burns as a cowboy tormenting his brother’s new wife 11/15/2021
With new cut of ‘Rocky IV,’ Stallone gives Apollo (and the movie) more dignity 11/12/2021
‘Mayor of Kingstown’: Jeremy Renner runs the show in a place where prison’s the town business 11/12/2021
‘The Souvenir: Part II’: A beautiful movie about the process of making a movie 11/11/2021
‘Yellowjackets’: Chilling Showtime series strands a girls’ soccer team in some creepy woods 11/11/2021
‘The Shrink Next Door’: Therapist invades his client’s life in darkly funny Apple TV+ series 11/10/2021
‘Belfast’: Kenneth Branagh makes a masterful memoir of his tumultuous Irish boyhood 11/9/2021
‘Violet’: Olivia Munn shows her vulnerable side as a success convinced she’s a failure 11/8/2021
‘Dexter: New Blood’ lacks the vitality of original serial-killer show 11/5/2021
‘Finch’: Schmaltzy Tom Hanks tearjerker teams him with a robot, a dog and ... nobody else? 11/4/2021
‘Red Notice’: Netflix heist thriller so obvious, it borders on parody 11/4/2021
‘Being Blago’: Yes, it’s him again, on a documentary series worth watching 11/3/2021
‘Dangerous’: What’s that horrible Mel? Just Gibson, stinking up a movie 11/3/2021
‘Spencer’: Kristen Stewart speaks softly but says so much as a princess in despair 11/3/2021
‘Eternals’: The ponderous jibber-jabber and pointless battles seem like they’ll never end 11/2/2021
‘Later Days’: Likable grown-ups relive high school in a clever Chicago comedy 10/29/2021
‘Last Night in Soho’: Gorgeous horror story revels in the looks, sounds of London’s swinging ’60s 10/28/2021
‘Army of Thieves’ a safe bet for fans of breezy heist films 10/27/2021
Colin Kaepernick, Kevin Durant revisit their teens in smart, engaging streaming series 10/27/2021
Colin Kaepernick, Kevin Durant revisit their teens in smart, engaging streaming series 10/27/2021
‘Antlers’ a scary story of being traumatized by a monster — and by reality 10/26/2021
‘Passing’ a stunning story of race and pretense 10/25/2021
‘Invasion’: Expertly crafted sci-fi series takes a personal approach to a threat from beyond 10/22/2021
‘The Electrical Life of Louis Wain’: Benedict Cumberbatch the cat’s meow as a feline-loving artist 10/21/2021
‘The Harder They Fall’: A Western of cool fights, great music and spectacular hats 10/21/2021
‘The French Dispatch’: Great actors thrive again in Wes Anderson’s wry but remote little world 10/20/2021
‘Smoke and Mirrors’: Meet the adorable guy who makes horrible looks 10/19/2021
‘Four Hours at the Capitol’: Powerful HBO documentary takes no sides 10/19/2021
‘Succession’: In Season 3 of HBO series, actors keep getting better as their characters’ deeds get worse 10/15/2021
Stunning visuals propel lagging storyline in ultimately impressive ‘Dune’ 10/15/2021
‘Hard Luck Love Song’ turns lyrics into a movie worth seeing 10/14/2021
‘Mass’: Parents of a school shooter meet parents of a victim in searing film drama 10/14/2021
‘What Happened, Brittany Murphy?’: How a likable star got mixed up with the wrong con man 10/13/2021
‘Halloween Kills’ puts a knife in the promising reboot of Michael Myers 10/13/2021
‘The Last Duel’: Rousing historical epic triples the fun with multiple takes on a 14th century showdown 10/12/2021
Fascinating documentary gives a taste of Charlie Trotter’s dazzling talent, complex personality 10/12/2021
‘Dopesick’: Opioid series’ side effects may include confusion, exasperation 10/11/2021
‘Pretty Smart’: There are inventive new Netflix shows, and then there’s this 10/8/2021
‘Justin Bieber: Our World’ elevates the pop star — and his tech team 10/7/2021
‘Old Henry’: Outstanding Western gives the versatile Tim Blake Nelson a chance to shine 10/7/2021
‘South of Heaven’: Jason Sudeikis drama looks like a slice of heaven, until it goes south 10/7/2021
‘15 Minutes of Shame’: Sobering HBO Max doc profiles people chastised on the internet 10/6/2021
In ‘Cleanin’ Up the Town’ doc, ‘Ghostbusters’ makers say: We came, we saw, we kicked off a phenomenon 10/4/2021
Profound ‘No Time to Die’ sends off a magnificent 007 10/4/2021
Scandals in the wins: A review of Netflix’s ‘Bad Sport’ 10/2/2021
‘Maid’: No tidy answers in Netflix’s rewarding story of a single mom overcoming obstacles 10/1/2021
‘Addams Family 2’: A movie the whole family can miss 10/1/2021
‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’: Marginally better sequel concludes in the same old tedious way 9/30/2021
‘The Many Saints of Newark’: Wildly entertaining ‘Sopranos’ prequel respects the family 9/29/2021
‘Titane’: Woman has a thing for cars and carnage in unnerving horror show brimming with creativity 9/29/2021
Intelligence at the root of ‘The Problem,’ Jon Stewart’s funny, thought-provoking new series 9/29/2021
‘The Lost Sons’: New CNN doc examines the complex, ultimately poignant story of Paul Fronczak 9/24/2021
‘The Guilty’ looks for thrills in 911 calls, but the plot keeps breaking up 9/23/2021
‘Midnight Mass’: The best Stephen King story Stephen King never wrote 9/22/2021
‘Dear Evan Hansen’: The truth is, this musical is manipulative, and strange 9/22/2021
‘Intrusion’: Latest thriller at an isolated house isn’t remotely entertaining 9/21/2021
‘The Starling’: This bird’s not worth watching 9/21/2021
‘This Is the Night’: Homage to ‘Rocky III’ doesn’t go the distance 9/20/2021
‘Live at Mister Kelly’s’ recalls Chicago club where talent thrived, regardless of color 9/17/2021
‘The Big Leap’: On feel-good Fox series, amateurs pin their hopes on a ballet TV show 9/17/2021
‘The Premise’: B.J. Novak drops five tall stories, and they don’t all land 9/16/2021
‘Chicago Party Aunt’: Netflix sitcom’s a deep-dish delight, even while tapping every local cliche 9/15/2021
‘Cry Macho’: Clint Eastwood hits the road in one of his lesser efforts 9/15/2021
‘Prisoners of the Ghostland’: A dark future when dialogue is wacky and Nicolas Cage could blow up anytime 9/14/2021
‘Queenpins’: Movie’s coupon con artists lack redeeming qualities 9/10/2021
‘Scenes From a Marriage’: Even when tense, HBO remake always watchable 9/10/2021
‘American Rust’: It gets very hard to stay with Showtime’s meandering steel-town drama 9/10/2021
‘Kate’: Winstead slays in the year’s third over-the-top female assassin movie 9/9/2021
‘The Voyeurs’: Neighbors who are spying in a plot no one’s buying 9/9/2021
‘Small Engine Repair’: Sparks fly in a provocative drama not easily forgotten 9/8/2021
‘The Card Counter’: In one of the year’s best films, Oscar Isaac plays a gambler who knows when to walk away 9/8/2021
‘Impeachment’: FX series turns Clinton-Lewinsky scandal into addictive entertainment 9/3/2021
‘Worth’: Michael Keaton impressive as a lawyer with an impossible task post-9/11 9/2/2021
Now there’s a ‘Karen’ movie, and it’s a terrible film about a terrible person 9/2/2021
‘The Gateway’: Two-fisted social worker takes on abusive husband in stylish B-movie 9/1/2021
‘Cinderella’: Upbeat take on the fairy tale transforms Camila Cabelo into a movie star 9/1/2021
‘How to Be a Cowboy’: On ranch reality show, mending fences means mending real fences 8/31/2021
‘Shang-Chi’: Marvel offers beauty, humor and cool combat as a villain’s son fights his way to heroism 8/31/2021
‘Only Murders in the Building’ stars an unlikely but appealing true-crime trio 8/30/2021
‘He’s All That’: Right about now, the teen makeover tale is being retold with a gender swap and a TikTok star 8/27/2021
‘No Man of God’: How a young FBI man got Ted Bundy to open up 8/27/2021
‘Candyman’: New ‘spiritual sequel’ has striking images to show and bold things to say 8/25/2021
‘Clickbait’: You won’t BELIEVE what happens in Netflix mystery (because it’s ridiculous) 8/23/2021
‘Together’: One couple’s fierce showdown in lockdown 8/23/2021
‘Sweet Girl’: Big Pharma thriller may cause disgust and disbelief 8/20/2021
‘Gossip’: Most of the juicy dirt in Showtime series comes from a single source 8/20/2021
‘NYC Epicenters’: Spike Lee shares his New York state of mind 8/19/2021
‘The Protégé’: Routine assassin story replays the same old hits 8/19/2021
‘Flag Day’: Sean Penn, daughter Dylan mesmerize as father and child at odds 8/18/2021
‘Reminiscence’: Too bad Hugh Jackman’s sci-fi noir about a memory machine is so forgettable 8/18/2021
‘Nine Perfect Strangers’: Likable stars bicker in a sort of New Age ‘Fantasy Island’ 8/17/2021
Original ‘Candyman’ held a mirror up to a divided Chicago 8/17/2021
‘Magnificent Coloring World’: Chance the Rapper’s concert film captivating and so, so cool 8/12/2021
‘The Story of Champagne’ a bubbly trek through the sparkling wine’s history 8/11/2021
‘Free Guy’: Ryan Reynolds at top skill level in clever video game comedy 8/11/2021
‘Beckett’: Ludicrous Netflix chase thriller keeps running off courset-review-netflix-movie-john-david-washington-alicia-vikander-greece 8/11/2021
‘Coda’: The conflict is unique, but the dynamic is universal in smart teen drama 8/10/2021
‘What If...?’ has some fun imagining a parallel Marvel universe 8/10/2021
‘Respect’: Playing Queen of Soul, Jennifer Hudson worthy of the throne 8/9/2021
Netflix series ‘Untold’ takes behind-the-scenes look at stories of struggle — and ultimately redemption 8/7/2021
Who will save your soul? The decider in the haunting film ‘Nine Days’ 8/6/2021
‘Vivo’: Fun musical’s hero looks like a lemur and sounds like Lin-Manuel Miranda 8/5/2021
‘Annette’: Most of the weirdness works in bold, fever-dream musical 8/5/2021
A second crack at 'Suicide Squad' surpasses the original 8/4/2021
‘Cocaine Cowboys’: A true-crime series so great, it’s addictive 8/3/2021
‘Pray Away’: A powerful look at people trying therapy to be ‘ex-gay’ 8/2/2021
‘The Pursuit of Love’: A tamer, more subtle ‘Bridgerton’ substitute is better than none 7/30/2021
‘Masquerade’: If you’re waiting for a great Bella Thorne movie, keep waiting 7/30/2021
‘Ride the Eagle’ finds the humor in people being apart 7/29/2021
‘The Green Knight’: Dev Patel gets medieval in a dazzling, dizzying fever dream 7/28/2021
‘Stillwater’: Matt Damon excels as a stoic Oklahoma dad on a mission in Marseilles 7/28/2021
‘Jungle Cruise’ an empty Amazon package 7/28/2021
‘For Madmen Only’: Like the man himself, doc on improv guru Del Close offers little that’s conventional 7/27/2021
PBS doc traces how Chicago changed Buddy Guy, and how Buddy Guy changed the world 7/26/2021
‘Settlers’ doesn’t go beyond the surface of Mars 7/23/2021
‘Snake Eyes’: Bombastic ‘G.I. Joe’ reboot a losing bet 7/22/2021
‘Old’: A beach speeds up aging in M. Night Shyamalan’s latest letdown 7/22/2021
‘Bo Burnham: Inside’: A comedian’s triumph in a small space comes to the big screen 7/21/2021
‘Ted Lasso’: In Season 2, team ties a lot, but peppy coach keeps up his winning ways 7/21/2021
‘Woodstock 99’: HBO doc recalls would-be peace fest that degenerated into vandalism and violence 7/21/2021
‘Joe Bell’ lacks the impact of the real-life story it tells 7/20/2021
Val Kilmer opens up about his missteps and struggles in a fascinating documentary 7/20/2021
‘Schmigadoon!’: Charm is bustin’ out all over in Apple TV+’s funny musical theater parody 7/16/2021
‘Roadrunner’: A profound look at the life Anthony Bourdain savored, and then ended 7/15/2021
‘Heist’: Netflix has fun with 3 strange but true robberies 7/14/2021
‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’: Please, make the rapping Porky and clapping Pennywise stop 7/14/2021
‘Pig’: Nicolas Cage skips the hamminess in an elegant story of pain and purpose 7/14/2021
‘Fin’: The sharks should be scared of us, an insightful documentary explains 7/13/2021
‘Catch and Kill’: How Ronan Farrow uncovered the secret life of Harvey Weinstein 7/12/2021
‘The White Lotus’: Resort guests check in but aren’t worth checking out 7/8/2021
‘Black Widow’: Not much originality in Scarlett Johansson’s Marvel origin story 7/7/2021
‘Monsters at Work’: What happens when the Pixar beasts don’t scare anymore 7/6/2021
‘The One and Only Dick Gregory’ an eye-opening portrait of groundbreaking comedian, activist 7/2/2021
‘Tomorrow War’ little more than standard-issue action fare 7/1/2021
Never-ending murders abound in saga-ending ‘Forever Purge’ 6/30/2021
A stripper and a sex worker share darkly funny road trip in social media-fueled ‘Zola’ 6/29/2021
‘Summer of Soul’ is a treasure trove of iconic performances in a festival that history forgot 6/29/2021
‘No Sudden Move’ a clever neo-noir triumph for Soderbergh, powerhouse cast 6/28/2021
Who invented plastic? New documentary shines spotlight on the genius we hardly know 6/27/2021
‘The Ice Road’: Will trucker Liam Neeson crack before the frozen lake does? 6/25/2021
‘False Positive’: Pregnancy is fertile ground for scary-movie thrills on Hulu 6/24/2021
‘Who Are You, Charlie Brown?’ is a warm tribute to the blockhead and the man who made him 6/24/2021
‘Sex/Life’ a Netflix guilty pleasure with a high hottie count 6/24/2021
‘Lansky’ fails to capitalize on its chief asset: Meyer Lansky 6/23/2021
‘Epstein’s Shadow’: How the well-off Ghislaine Maxwell became crony to a criminal 6/22/2021
‘F9’: Fast, furious and the wrong kind of ridiculous 6/22/2021
‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’ returns with an update and a flashback 6/21/2021
‘The Birthday Cake’: No matter how you slice it, star-studded mob film still seems undercooked 6/18/2021
‘Physical’: ’80s aerobics buff dislikes herself for the wrong reasons 6/18/2021
‘The Sparks Brothers’: All about the art-pop duo that’s enigmatic, influential and sort of famous 6/17/2021
‘Fatherhood’: Kevin Hart keeps it real (but funny) as a daunted single dad 6/17/2021
‘Luca’: Pixar’s underwater fantasy shimmers with gorgeous visuals, sweet story 6/16/2021
‘Penguin Town’: Adorable birds go where the humans are in a frothy Netflix docuseries 6/16/2021
‘The Misfits’: Pierce Brosnan leads a preposterous heist but looks good doing it 6/11/2021
‘Kevin Can F- - - Himself’: A despairing sitcom wife steps off camera, where life isn’t so funny 6/11/2021
‘Infinite’: In Mark Wahlberg’s reincarnation thriller, a lot of action you’ve lived through before 6/10/2021
‘Blindspotting’ an insightful Starz series worth a look, and a listen 6/10/2021
‘The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard’ way off target 6/10/2021
‘Loki’: It’s another win for Marvel as Tom Hiddleston makes fresh mischief on Disney+ 6/9/2021
‘In the Heights’: Entertaining and eye-popping, the Broadway hit lands with a splash on the big screen 6/8/2021
‘The Kings’ takes us back to a time when Leonard, Duran, Hagler and Hearns ruled the world 6/5/2021
‘Lisey’s Story’: Stephen King series brings out all the emotions in brilliant star Julianne Moore 6/4/2021
‘Chasing Wonders’: A mad dad takes some of the joy out of well-acted family drama 6/4/2021
‘Monuments’: Weirdos, wit and love after death on the way to Chicago 6/3/2021
‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It’: Stay the hell away 6/3/2021
‘Spirit Untamed’ a heartfelt tween adventure on horseback 6/2/2021
‘Changing the Game’ gracefully examines the dilemma of young transgender athletes 5/31/2021
Eye-popping ‘Cruella’ dazzles with spectacular outfits and offbeat origin story 5/26/2021
‘Friends’ reunion a pleasant nostalgia trip with some unfortunate pivots 5/26/2021
‘A Quiet Place Part II’: Spine-tingling sequel brings more terror of the strong, silent type 5/24/2021
‘Solos’: 7 stories of seclusion, most of them pretty great 5/21/2021
‘Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.’: The funny frustration of a supervillain in a tailspin 5/20/2021
‘1971’ does some powerful mixing of the year’s events and the year’s songs 5/20/2021
Lovable ‘Dream Horse’ runs a solid but familiar track 5/19/2021
‘Final Account’: Germans reminisce — some mournfully, some proudly — about their Nazi past 5/19/2021
‘Georgetown’: Stylish directing debut from Christoph Waltz, starring as a charmer not to be believed 5/17/2021
‘Spiral’: Even with Chris Rock, it’s the same old ‘Saw’ 5/13/2021
‘The Woman in the Window’ won’t keep the viewer on the couch 5/13/2021
‘Profile’: Unfolding entirely on screens, terrorism thriller loses its connection 5/12/2021
‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’: Angelina Jolie takes on killers, fire and lightning in one of the best thrillers of our time 5/12/2021
‘Hacks’: Jean Smart slays as a comedian with echoes of Joan Rivers 5/11/2021
‘Army of the Dead’: Zombie fans hit the jackpot in Zack Snyder’s blood-soaked heist film 5/11/2021
‘Monster’: Good kid goes on trial in provocative Netflix crime film 5/7/2021
‘The Water Man’: Family-friendly monster movie will delight kids, move adults 5/6/2021
‘That Damn Michael Che’ makes you laugh a lot, squirm a little 5/6/2021
‘Wrath of Man’: Bullets fly every which way in Jason Statham thriller, and so does the plot 5/6/2021
‘The Sons of Sam’ rethinks Berkowitz murders, and a journalist obsessed with them 5/5/2021
‘Here Today’: Billy Crystal, Tiffany Haddish achieve a friendly, funny chemistry 5/5/2021
‘Percy vs. Goliath’: Christopher Walken keeps it down to earth as a farmer battling a conglomerate 4/30/2021
‘The Story of Late Night’: CNN smartly recaps seven decades of TV after dark 4/30/2021
‘Without Remorse’: A Tom Clancy movie starring Michael B. Jordan can’t go wrong, but it does 4/29/2021
‘The Mosquito Coast’ has a pest problem, and it’s the lead character 4/29/2021
‘Eat Wheaties!’: Tony Hale tickles as another awkward weirdo 4/28/2021
‘Things Heard & Seen’: Overwrought horror starring an overqualified cast 4/28/2021
‘Four Good Days’: Mila Kunis reaches new heights as a drug addict at her lowest 4/27/2021
‘Street Gang’: How ‘Sesame Street’ team created a kids’ show not like the others 4/23/2021
‘Stowaway’: Tension builds nicely as unplanned crewmate puts Mars mission in peril 4/22/2021
‘Mortal Kombat’: Brutal fights look almost as painful as the dialogue 4/22/2021
‘Secrets of the Whales’: Amazing footage shows not just how the sea mammals look, but how they live 4/21/2021
‘Rutherford Falls’: Ed Helms blends into another great TV ensemble 4/20/2021
‘Together Together’: Likable Patti Harrison breaks through as a true movie star 4/20/2021
‘Sasquatch’: Nosy man doesn’t find Bigfoot, but other beasts turn up 4/19/2021
‘Mare of Easttown’: Kate Winslet plays a troubled detective with authority, authenticity 4/16/2021
‘American Oz’: A superb PBS portrait of L. Frank Baum and the dreams that he dared to dream 4/16/2021
‘Vanquish’: They shoot, they chase, they shoot some more in rote crime movie 4/15/2021
‘Monday’: Impulsive couple needs to get a room — far away from here 4/15/2021
‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’: Jamie Foxx squanders his talent on hackneyed Netflix sitcom 4/14/2021
‘Wahl Street’: A movie star’s empire seems unstoppable — and then pandemic hits 4/14/2021
‘Thunder Force’: Superpowers turn two likable actors into an anemic duo 4/9/2021
‘The Nevers’: On HBO’s ambitious fantasy series, women’s supernatural gifts just keep on giving 4/8/2021
‘Voyagers’: High-concept spaceship adventure sputters mid-flight 4/7/2021
‘Chad’: An ‘SNL’ alum plays teenage boy at his awkward, impolite stage 4/6/2021
‘Exterminate All the Brutes’ jumbles old and new, fact and fiction to condemn Western colonizers 4/6/2021
‘This Is a Robbery’: Huge art heist gets the dazzling Netflix true-crime treatment 4/6/2021
‘Hemingway’: A must-watch PBS documentary for those who admire him and those who will 4/2/2021
‘Concrete Cowboy’: A teen, his dad and their horses, trotting the streets of Philadelphia 4/1/2021
‘The Serpent’: For suave monster, the world is his killing ground 4/1/2021
‘French Exit’: Brilliant Michelle Pfeiffer, in Paris and surrounded by upper-class twits 3/31/2021
‘Moment of Truth’ asks: Did the right man take the rap for killing Michael Jordan’s father? 3/31/2021
‘The Last Cruise’ takes you along on a real-life outbreak at sea 3/29/2021
‘Godzilla vs. Kong’: As big screens reopen, two big beasts go mindlessly into battle 3/29/2021
Tina Turner makes your pulse react once more in HBO documentary 3/25/2021
‘Senior Moment’: William Shatner, charming at 90, still can’t save thin rom-com romp 3/25/2021
‘The Vault’ houses a heist that’s preposterous but rich with personality 3/24/2021
‘Nobody’: Bob Odenkirk comes on strong as an angry dad at war with the mob 3/24/2021
‘John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise’: The killer speaks in the definitive history of a Chicago horror 3/23/2021
‘Happily’ a black comedy that starts with sizzle and ends with a shrug 3/19/2021
‘Genius: Aretha’: A respectable bio with music as its heart and Cynthia Erivo as its soul 3/19/2021
‘The Courier’: Benedict Cumberbatch plays it cool as spy who helped prevent WWIII 3/18/2021
‘City of Lies’: Johnny Depp the real deal as a cop obsessed with justice for Tupac and Biggie 3/18/2021
‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’: Superhero team-up was more fun the first time 3/17/2021
‘Kid 90’: A former child star revisits her crazy teen years, with video to back it up 3/12/2021
‘Cosmic Sin’: Bruce Willis barely wakes up for absurd intergalactic thriller 3/12/2021
Engrossing ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ doc takes a deep dive into the college admissions scandal 3/12/2021
‘Come True’ an eerie, original take on horror fueled by nightmares 3/11/2021
‘Long Weekend’: Bart’s feelings for his new friend are real — but is she? 3/11/2021
‘The One’: Your DNA does the matchmaking on Netflix’s frustrating sci-fi series 3/11/2021
‘The Father’: Anthony Hopkins at the peak of his powers as a man losing grip on reality 3/10/2021
‘My Salinger Year’: Literary newbie’s memories of the author are the kind of wry worth catching 3/5/2021
‘Coming 2 America’: Laughs galore as Eddie Murphy reunites the Akeem team, adds some all-stars 3/4/2021
‘Boogie’: In its portrayal of basketball, culture-clash drama fouls out 3/4/2021
‘Chaos Walking’: When everyone’s thoughts can be heard by everyone, it’s a pain in the ears 3/3/2021
‘Boss Level’: Time to wake up to Frank Grillo’s star power 3/3/2021
‘Moxie’: Sweet high school movie follows teen’s conversion from nobody to rebellious zine girl 3/2/2021
‘Murder Among the Mormons’: Series smartly recalls when a forgery scandal turned fatal 3/2/2021
‘Raya and the Last Dragon’: Like animated Avengers, new Disney heroes save the world with color and laughs 3/2/2021
‘My Zoe’: Will secret cloning plan end well? Because the movie sure doesn’t 2/25/2021
‘Cherry’: Marvel directors, star tell a powerful real-life story of love and addiction 2/25/2021
‘Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry’: Inside the singer’s dual lives as busy pop star and moody teen 2/25/2021
‘Crisis’: Multilayered drug thriller overdoses on big moments 2/24/2021
‘U.S. v. Billie Holiday’: Playing the star as both gifted singer and tragic figure, Andra Day up to the challenge 2/23/2021
‘Superman & Lois’: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s ... a soap opera? 2/22/2021
‘The Violent Heart’ breaks as thinly drawn characters make ridiculous moves 2/19/2021
‘Allen v. Farrow’ recalls the scandals with new comments, old phone calls 2/19/2021
‘Silk Road’: As one driven man aids online crime, another tries to stop him 2/18/2021
‘Body Brokers’: It’s easy to get hooked on crime drama exposing a lucrative rehab racket 2/18/2021
‘I Care a Lot’: Twisted predators swindle the seniors in an entertaining, darkly funny thriller 2/17/2021
‘Amend’: Will Smith spotlights U.S. heroes, villains in the long fight for equality 2/16/2021
‘Young Rock’: Clever sitcom flashes back to Dwayne Johnson’s adventures as a kid and a teen 2/15/2021
‘Young Rock’: Clever sitcom flashes back to Dwayne Johnson’s adventures as a kid and a teen 2/15/2021
‘Minari’: Immigrants try to make sense of their new home, and their family, in a witty and wise period piece 2/12/2021
‘The World to Come’: Farmer’s wives fall into a glorious but dangerous romance 2/11/2021
‘The Mauritanian’: How a Guantanamo prisoner, abused for 15 years, struggled to hold on to hope 2/11/2021
‘Nomadland’: Settle in for an instant masterpiece about the vagabond’s life on the road 2/10/2021
‘Land’: Robin Wright knows what she’s doing depicting a woman who doesn’t 2/10/2021
‘Music’: Sia’s awful movie portrays autism with grating, candy-colored musical numbers 2/10/2021
‘Clarice’: Grisly ‘Lambs’ spinoff series comes in like a lion 2/9/2021
‘Son of the South’: A true civil rights story worth telling, however quaintly 2/5/2021
‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ a powerful flashback to when a rat took down a Panther 2/5/2021
‘Framing Britney Spears’ recalls toxic treatment of the pop star at her highest and her lowest 2/4/2021
‘Life in a Day 2020’: A lot can happen worldwide in 24 hours 2/4/2021
‘More Than Miyagi’ waxes poetic about Pat Morita’s charms and struggles 2/4/2021
‘Falling’: A vexing issue detracts from Viggo Mortensen’s directorial debut 2/3/2021
‘Bliss’: From one reality to the other, trippy mind-bender keeps us guessing 2/3/2021
‘Firefly Lane’: Flashback gimmicks mar Netflix’s well-acted saga of friendship that lasts 2/2/2021
‘100 Days to Live’: Chicagoans go mysteriously missing in director’s impressive debut 2/1/2021
‘Malcolm & Marie’: Two smart, beautiful people have an argument for the ages 1/29/2021
‘The Dig’ uncovers some dirt about the archaeological crowd, but keeps it classy 1/28/2021
‘Palmer’: Justin Timberlake really steps up as a felon turned father figure 1/28/2021
‘Supernova’: A moving love story of longtime partners facing a challenging future 1/28/2021
‘The Night’: A hotel horror story to recommend with few reservations 1/27/2021
‘The Little Things’: Denzel Washington leads killer cast of a moody L.A. murder mystery 1/27/2021
‘Penguin Bloom’: A charismatic magpie earns its wings 1/26/2021
‘No Man’s Land’: Border action films fail in different ways 1/22/2021
‘The Marksman’: Border action films fail in different ways 1/22/2021
‘Our Friend’: A man, his dying wife and their invaluable pal, all played by actors we believe 1/21/2021
‘Flack’ proves there is such a thing as bad publicity TV 1/21/2021
‘In & of Itself’: Derek DelGaudio’s magical feats open up your mind — and your tear ducts 1/20/2021
‘The White Tiger’: Another ‘nobody’ dreams big in India, and he’s the kind of slumdog who bites 1/20/2021
‘Stallone: Frank, That Is’: Doc argues Sylvester’s musical brother should have been a contender 1/19/2021
‘Some Kind of Heaven’: Inside a senior mecca that cultivates bliss but can’t keep out reality 1/18/2021
‘Wandavision’: They beat Thanos, but can ‘Avengers’ duo handle a wacky neighbor? 1/15/2021
‘One Night in Miami’: Some thrilling sparring between Cassius Clay and other heavyweights of history 1/14/2021
‘Rock Camp’: Breezy documentary watches music fans pay to play with their idols 1/14/2021
‘Promising Young Woman’: No means no mercy by the anti-heroine punishing predators 1/13/2021
‘News of the World’: Tom Hanks, tween team up in a Western big enough for the both of them 1/12/2021
Netflix’s ‘Night Stalker’ pays respect to the lives a killer took 1/9/2021
HBO documentary aims to be the definitive Tiger Woods bio film and aces it 1/8/2021
‘Fatale’: Sexy, savage stalker women are seldom this dull 1/7/2021
‘Pieces of a Woman’: Heart-stopping beginning leads to an unforgettable character study 1/6/2021
‘History of Swear Words’: Netflix doc filthy rich with insight about obscenities 1/4/2021
‘Shadow in the Cloud’: Flight officer fights off boors and beasties in a wonderfully bonkers B-movie 12/31/2020
‘Cobra Kai’: Johnny’s complex now, and ain’t that a kick in the head 12/30/2020
‘We Can Be Heroes’ lets the plucky children lead the way 12/25/2020
‘Bridgerton’: Netflix series as scandalous as ‘Scandal,’ as delicious as ‘Downton Abbey’ 12/24/2020
‘Soul’: Pixar takes a bold, beautiful voyage to the afterlife, and the before-life 12/23/2020
‘The Midnight Sky’: A few of the universe’s remaining humans face challenges in one of 2020’s best films 12/21/2020
‘Sylvie’s Love’: In beautiful 1950s Harlem, a rocky road to romance 12/21/2020
‘Sister of the Groom’: There’s no one to like in this movie about love 12/17/2020
‘Greenland’: Comet threatens Earth in disaster movie that’s more than just chaos 12/16/2020
‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’: Chadwick Boseman’s last and best work in a perfectly constructed period piece 12/15/2020
‘Wonder Woman 1984’: The Amazon and the era a totally rad combination 12/15/2020
Audrey Hepburn documentary reminds us how the actress became beloved worldwide 12/14/2020
‘Another Round’: Four men experiment with teaching while intoxicated 12/13/2020
Hear the call of ‘The Wilds,’ a deeply involving soap about teen girls on their own 12/11/2020
After a while, ‘Crocodile’ star just seems sad in comeback film 12/11/2020
‘I’m Your Woman’: Rachel Brosnahan stuns as another marvelous Mrs. — an endangered mom on the run 12/10/2020
‘Songbird’: Latest consequence of COVID-19 is a brainless sci-fi thriller 12/10/2020
‘The Prom’ preaches tolerance with showtunes and Broadway razzle-dazzle 12/9/2020
‘Wild Mountain Thyme’: An eccentric Irish love story from deep in County Quirk 12/9/2020
‘Let Them All Talk’: Cruise ship the ideal vessel for Soderbergh’s observational wit 12/8/2020
‘Elyse’: Anthony Hopkins lends his grace to wife’s awful movie 12/4/2020
‘Your Honor’: Bryan Cranston’s acting is laudable on a series sometimes laughable 12/4/2020
‘Love, Weddings and Other Disasters’: Leave this one at the altar 12/3/2020
With ‘The Godfather, Coda,’ Coppola revises ‘Part III’ for the better 12/3/2020
‘Wander’: Aaron Eckhart makes a great conspiracy theorist, and he isn’t acting alone 12/2/2020
‘Black Bear’: Who’s afraid of the twisty stuff? 12/2/2020
‘Dear Santa’: You better watch this feel-good doc on volunteers helping deliver the presents 12/2/2020
‘Superintelligence’: Melissa McCarthy comedy asks very little of the brain 11/26/2020
‘Mosul’: Intense Netflix war film is one of the year’s best 11/25/2020
‘Black Beauty’ update an uplifting animal story with a beautiful message 11/25/2020
‘The Flight Attendant’: As a party girl facing unexpected turbulence, Kaley Cuoco goes above and beyond 11/25/2020
‘Uncle Frank’: Homecomings seldom happy for closeted professor 11/24/2020
‘Happiest Season’: A gay holiday rom-com can be just as flimsy as the straight ones 11/24/2020
‘Buddy Games’: When obnoxious bros compete, we’re all the losers 11/23/2020
‘Black Narcissus’: Himalayas consume the newly arrived nuns in a striking FX miniseries 11/21/2020
‘Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square’: The singer’s positively angelic in cozy Netflix musical 11/20/2020
‘Run’ gets its dubious drama from the mama 11/18/2020
‘Small Axe: Mangrove’: Compelling film spotlights a riot trial the whole world should have been watching 11/18/2020
‘Dusty Groove’ film sifts through the emotions of giving up your vinyl 11/17/2020
Watching ‘Big Sky’ is totally addictive — and totally free 11/16/2020
‘Mank’: The entertaining life of the ‘Citizen Kane’ writer, all there in black and white 11/13/2020
‘Ammonite’: Newcomer chips away at a fossil hunter’s stony exterior 11/12/2020
‘Fatman’: Who’s got a hitman on his tail? Must be Santa, as played by Mel Gibson 11/12/2020
‘Jingle Jangle’: Oh what fun it is to revel in a rousing holiday musical 11/11/2020
‘Freaky’ a body-switching movie with a body count 11/11/2020
‘Echo Boomers’ a nifty little gem about crooks with a cause 11/10/2020
‘Hillbilly Elegy’ a sure bet for Oscar love, and deservedly so 11/10/2020
Sensitive and never sensational, streaming series ‘A Teacher’ depicts a predatory school affair 11/9/2020
‘Moonbase 8’: Three funny guys’ lunar humor seldom lands in new Showtime series 11/6/2020
‘Operation Christmas Drop’ a military-grade holiday romance on Netflix 11/5/2020
‘The Life Ahead’: Sophia Loren commands the screen at 86 11/5/2020
‘Let Him Go’: Steely duo takes on a ruthless family in a rousing noir-Western 11/4/2020
‘The Informer’: Joel Kinnaman flexes as a bad guy who’s really a good guy 11/4/2020
‘Triggered’: In darkly funny horror film, some won’t survive an explosive game of Survivor 11/3/2020
‘That Good Night’: A charismatic performance caps career of the great John Hurt 11/2/2020
‘Spell’: It’s about time horror fans enjoyed some more ‘Misery’ 10/29/2020
‘True Adventures of Wolfboy’ makes the usual points about being a teen who looks different 10/29/2020
‘Holidate’: Netflix’s cheesy rom-com is a nothing-special occasion 10/28/2020
‘Come Play’: Digital demon stalks a little boy in wonderfully twisted horror movie 10/28/2020
‘Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine’: Trump lip-sync artist works well with others 10/27/2020
‘The Craft: Legacy’: The sequel’s magic lies in its respect for teen issues 10/27/2020
‘The Undoing’: Nicole Kidman faces ugly allegations in beautiful surroundings 10/23/2020
‘Synchronic’: Risky time-travel drug keeps two EMT’s busy in a gritty indie 10/22/2020
‘Roald Dahl’s The Witches’: Too scary for children, too bland for adults 10/21/2020
‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’: Fictional foreigner no wiser in USA return, daughter in tow 10/21/2020
‘White Noise’ highlights the small lives, not the ugly views, of white nationalists 10/21/2020
‘537 Votes’: How the Supreme Court and irate people in Miami picked a president 10/20/2020
‘Grizzly II: Revenge’: George Clooney survived this terrible ’80s sequel — but his character didn’t 10/19/2020
‘Bad Hair’: Cause of death is not natural — it’s a weave 10/16/2020
‘City So Real’: In-depth, epic documentary captures big stories and small in a splintered Chicago 10/16/2020
‘Rebecca’: A passable version of a story Hitchcock told much better 10/15/2020
‘The Devil Has a Name’: Not your average legal thriller as a little guy battles Big Oil 10/15/2020
‘Honest Thief’: To tell the truth, this is not one of Liam Neeson’s best 10/15/2020
‘Belushi’ documentary gets to the soul of the man 10/14/2020
‘Totally Under Control’: A no-nonsense look at how COVID-19 ran amok in the U.S. 10/12/2020
‘A Rainy Day in New York’: Woody Allen’s soggy script drips with dated humor 10/8/2020
‘The Right Stuff’: New series parties with the dashing men of Mercury Seven 10/7/2020
Adam Sandler sinks to new lows in dismal ‘Hubie Halloween’ 10/7/2020
‘Connecting’: Wonderful pandemic comedy plays group chat for grins — and sometimes tears 10/6/2020
‘Spontaneous’: Funnier, smarter than the average exploding-teen movie 10/5/2020
‘neXt’: AI stands for ‘alarming intelligence’ on Fox’s slick sci-fi series 10/5/2020
‘The Comedy Store’ well-stocked with stories from the biggest stand-ups 10/2/2020
‘Kingdom of Silence’: What the life and death of Jamal Khashoggi reveals about U.S.-Saudi co-dependence 10/1/2020
‘On the Rocks’: Bill Murray, Rashida Jones show a captivating father-daughter dynamic 10/1/2020
‘Once Upon a River’: A backwoods journey dense with beautiful images and brilliant acting 9/30/2020
‘The Glorias’: Surreal style overwhelms the substance of Steinem biopic 9/30/2020
‘The Boys in the Band’ revival smoothly mixes tears and venom 9/28/2020
‘Save Yourselves!’: It’s millennials vs. extraterrestrials in a wry social comedy 9/27/2020
‘The Comey Rule’: Former FBI director does no wrong in Showtime’s plodding drama 9/25/2020
Jessica Chastain is terrific in ‘Ava’ as a former Special Ops toughie, the movie not so much 9/25/2020
‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’: From an infamous event, Aaron Sorkin makes an instant classic 9/24/2020
‘Misbehaviour’: Feminists crash the pageant in a cheeky British period piece 9/23/2020
‘Fargo’: Chris Rock brings the pain — and the menace — in an ambitious, mobbed-up period piece 9/23/2020
‘Dreaming Grand Avenue’: There’s poetry in the emotion of a transcendental Chicago story 9/22/2020
Imaginative ‘Utopia,’ shot in Chicago, creates a world even crazier than our own 9/21/2020
‘Lost Girls & Love Hotels’: Alexandra Daddario ups her game as an expat doing some Tokyo drifting 9/18/2020
‘The Way I See It’ sheds light on Reagan, Obama and the man who chronicled both 9/17/2020
‘The Nest’: Jude Law, Carrie Coon fuse their skills playing spouses in conflict 9/17/2020
‘Antebellum’: Well-made drama on slavery’s horrors builds to an exasperating ending 9/17/2020
‘Challenger: The Final Flight’ details the reasons the disaster happened and the people we lost 9/16/2020
‘Ratched’: Netflix version of the ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ nurse is a lousy scaregiver 9/16/2020
‘Foster Boy’: Courtroom melodrama has a cast of pros and something to say 9/15/2020
‘The Third Day’ an island getaway where you can’t always get away 9/14/2020
‘Blackbird’: Susan Sarandon at the top of her game as a woman taking charge of her death 9/12/2020
‘The Devil All the Time’ a brooding story of a father, a son and some holy hypocrites 9/11/2020
‘Coastal Elites’ leans so far to the left, it falls over 9/10/2020
‘I Am Woman’: Helen Reddy biopic is strong — and it’s predictable 9/9/2020
‘The Broken Hearts Gallery’ exhibits all the charming aesthetics of a rom-com 9/9/2020
‘The Sit-In’ flashes back to a momentous week on ‘The Tonight Show’ 9/8/2020
‘Away’: Sweeping, soapy Netflix space series focuses on the emotions of the mission 9/3/2020
Dazzling ‘Mulan’ comes to life with flying colors 9/3/2020
‘Tom of Your Life’: In mere hours, a boy becomes man in a lovely indie 9/1/2020
‘Robin’s Wish’ explains the undiagnosed condition that tormented Robin Williams 8/31/2020
‘Get Duked!’: Odds of laughing at ‘Hunger Games’ twist are mostly in your favor 8/28/2020
‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things’: A meet-the-parents road trip turns trippy 8/28/2020
‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’: Being excellent is infrequent in the belated threequel 8/27/2020
Beautiful ‘Fatima’ has faith in the children who said they saw the Virgin Mary 8/27/2020
Sharp documentary ‘#Unfit’ makes a case that Donald Trump suffers multiple mental disorders 8/27/2020
‘You Cannot Kill David Arquette’: Actor grapples for respect in oddball documentary 8/27/2020
‘The Binge’: As drinking movies go, this one’s sloppy and obnoxious 8/26/2020
‘The Personal History of David Copperfield’ serves Dickens with all the fixins 8/26/2020
‘Tenet’ a mind-bending blast in a time zone of its own 8/26/2020
‘The 24th’: The stunning story of U.S. soldiers battling U.S. police in Texas 8/21/2020
‘Words on Bathroom Walls’: Inept moments of fantasy muddle well-meaning teen comedy 8/20/2020
‘The One and Only Ivan’: Big stars go wild as talking animals 8/20/2020
‘Desert One’: Brilliant documentary dissects the disastrous U.S. rescue mission in Iran 8/20/2020
‘Tesla’: Jolts of creative whimsy electrify a delightfully oddball biopic 8/19/2020
‘Cut Throat City’: New Orleans pals attempt a heist that’s big but hardly easy 8/19/2020
‘Unhinged’: Russell Crowe flies off the handle in a flimsy stalker movie 8/17/2020
‘Murder in the Woods’: You’ll never guess what happens to the teens in the cabin 8/14/2020
‘Lovecraft Country’: ’50s travelers take on bigots, B-movie beasts in wildly creative HBO series 8/14/2020
Project Power’: Pills, thrills and chills in a exciting saga of short-term superheroes 8/13/2020
‘Ted Lasso’: Jason Sudeikis scores as an American dipping a toe into British football 8/13/2020
‘Spree’: As the passenger’s screaming, the driver’s streaming 8/12/2020
In ‘Boys State’ doc, teens know the merits — and the tricks — of U.S. elections 8/11/2020
Mapleworth Murders’: Hilarious actors criminally misused on sophomoric detective spoof 8/10/2020
‘Waiting for the Barbarians’: Inquisitors rule with iron fists and stilted metaphors 8/7/2020
‘Spinster’: Chelsea Peretti widens her range in a sly comedy/drama 8/6/2020
‘Burnt Orange Heresy’ a pleasing piece of art built with sharp little brushstrokes 8/6/2020
‘Work It’: Sabrina Carpenter dances like she never danced before 8/6/2020
‘The Tax Collector’ in the upper bracket of gore and overcooked plotting 8/5/2020
‘She Dies Tomorrow’: A haunting gem about knowing your expiration date 8/5/2020
‘An American Pickle’: Twice the Seth Rogen but half as good as it could have been 8/4/2020
‘Red Penguins’: Fun documentary revisits a wild collision of Russian hockey and U.S. hucksters 8/3/2020
A movie that Go-Go’s there: Documentary digs deep into band’s history 7/30/2020
‘A Most Beautiful Thing’: A boat bonds West Side teens in an uplifting documentary 7/30/2020
‘The Big Ugly’: Great cast stirs up some West Virginia mountain mayhem 7/29/2020
‘The Weight of Gold’: How aspiring to Olympic greatness can lead to mental illness — and even suicide 7/29/2020
‘I Used To Go Here’ review: Gillian Jacobs aces it as a bummed alum 7/28/2020
‘Retaliation’ review: Orlando Bloom captivates as a vengeance-minded soul 7/24/2020
‘Radioactive’ review: Marie Curie film has all standard biopic elements 7/24/2020
‘Most Wanted’ review: Great thriller comes through despite chaotic editing 7/23/2020
‘Yes, God, Yes’ review: A sweeter, gentler kind of teen sex comedy 7/23/2020
‘The Rental’ review: Friends’ road trip takes a creepy, compelling turn 7/22/2020
‘Fear City’ review: Netflix doc looks back at when gangsters of N.Y. ruled 7/21/2020
‘Guest Artist’ review: Film loses steam soon after arriving at the station 7/20/2020
‘A Nice Girl Like You’ review: It pretends to be bawdy, totally fakes it 7/16/2020
‘The Sunlit Night’ review: All quirk and no play makes for dull indie comedy 7/16/2020
‘Fatal Affair’ review: Netflix thriller borrows twists from better movies 7/16/2020
Esther Povitsky review: Comic teased by Skokie parents in hilarious special 7/15/2020
‘The Painted Bird’ review: Intense war story tough to stomach, rewarding to see 7/15/2020
‘Showbiz Kids’ review: HBO doc offers fresh takes on child actors’ struggles 7/13/2020
‘The Old Guard’ review: Charlize Theron’s warrior hurts but never dies 7/10/2020
‘Relic’ review: Oh Granny, what big knives you have! 7/9/2020
‘Expecting Amy’ review: Pregnant Schumer works on her delivery 7/9/2020
‘Palm Springs’ review: Funny love story masters the ‘Groundhog Day’ formula 7/8/2020
‘Mucho Mucho Amor’ review: Walter Mercado story lifts spirits on Netflix 7/7/2020
‘Greyhound’ review: Tom Hanks war movie sticks to surface battles 7/6/2020
‘The Outpost’ review: War movie unflinching in showing soldiers’ risks, heroics 7/2/2020
‘Hamilton’ review: Not a shot wasted in Disney+ version of great musical 6/30/2020
‘Four Kids and It’ review: Like creature, family film produces foul aroma 6/30/2020
‘Force of Nature’ review: Lurid film like ‘Die Hard’ with a tempest 6/29/2020
‘And She Could Be Next’ review: Vital PBS doc profiles heroines of politics 6/28/2020
‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’ review: Compelling doc on killer and his pursuer 6/26/2020
‘The 11th Green’ review: If high enough, you’ll like Ike, aliens and Obama ringer 6/25/2020
‘My Spy’ gets Chicago (and the action and the comedy) all wrong 6/25/2020
‘Eurovision Song Contest’ review: Will Ferrell goes all-in for goofy music spoof 6/24/2020
‘Irresistible’ review: Jon Stewart’s satire brings big-time politics to little town 6/22/2020
‘Perry Mason’ review: HBO’s prequel is a case of the unsavory sleuth 6/19/2020
‘You Should Have Left’ review: Thriller should please horror fans 6/19/2020
‘Short History of the Long Road’ review: A teen’s lyrical life at the wheel 6/18/2020
‘Wasp Network’ review: A viewer could get lost in smoke of these Cubans 6/18/2020
‘7500’ review: Too many dull parts between exciting parts of hijack thriller 6/17/2020
‘Love, Victor’ review: Hulu series returns to Simon’s school — and plot 6/16/2020
‘2 Minutes of Fame’ review: Jay Pharoah impressive even without impressions 6/14/2020
‘Exit Plan’ review: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau takes unsettling suicide trip 6/12/2020
‘Artemis Fowl’ review: Disney+ brings wondrous fairy land into your home. 6/11/2020
‘Da 5 Bloods’ review: Spike Lee makes brilliant Vietnam epic for Netflix 6/10/2020
‘King of Staten Island’ review: Pete Davidson as a loser — the lovable kind 6/8/2020
‘Tommaso’ review: Willem Dafoe an able surrogate for Abel Ferrara 6/4/2020
‘Becky’ review: Kevin James slays as a killer tangling with the wrong girl 6/4/2020
‘Shirley’ review: Elisabeth Moss scores again as author Shirley Jackson 6/3/2020
‘Spelling the Dream’ review: Netflix doc looks at Indian American kids in the bees 6/2/2020
‘Laurel Canyon’ review: Pool of music trivia runs deep in documentary 5/29/2020
‘End of Sentence’ review: Hop aboard the latest father-son road trip 5/28/2020
‘Space Force’ review: A soft launch for Steve Carell’s celestial sitcom 5/28/2020
‘The High Note’ review: Tracee Ellis Ross and a supremely sunny movie 5/27/2020
‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’: Survivors have their say in Netflix doc 5/25/2020
Lance Armstrong’s ESPN documentary brings out his zeal — and his ego 5/22/2020
‘The Lovebirds’ review: Cracking up is easy to do in dark breakup comedy 5/21/2020
‘Military Wives’ review: Movie sings a familiar but uplifting refrain 5/20/2020
‘Scoob!’ review: Boisterous Scooby-Doo movie needs a muzzle 5/15/2020
‘Blackballed’ review: Call this Donald Sterling doc ‘The Last Dunce’ 5/14/2020
‘The Great’ review: Would-be satire of Russia’s Catherine isn’t even good 5/14/2020
‘Snowpiercer’ review: Train rolls on in bloody, sometimes bizarre series 5/13/2020
‘Capone’ review: Gross scenes soil Tom Hardy’s strong performance 5/11/2020
‘Trial by Media’ review: Netflix revisits 6 heavily hyped court cases 5/8/2020
‘Valley Girl’ review: An inept musical remake? Fer sure, fer sure 5/8/2020
‘I Know This Much is True’ review: HBO series wallows in people’s misery 5/7/2020
Jerry Seinfeld Netflix special: Dazed and bemused in ‘23 Hours to Kill’ 5/5/2020
‘Becoming’ review: Michelle Obama has earned Netflix film this flattering 5/4/2020
‘Billions’ review: Money’s the root of all the delicious evil in Season 5 5/1/2020
‘James Vs. His Future Self’ review: A funny, cerebral time-travel tale 5/1/2020
‘Dangerous Lies’ review: Clever Netflix thriller asks — who do you trust? 4/30/2020
‘Upload’ review: On Amazon, a funny but profound vision of the future 4/29/2020
‘Hollywood’ review: Netflix series a so-so fantasy about La La Land 4/29/2020
‘Never Have I Ever’ review: Sweet Netflix teen comedy series overachieves 4/26/2020
‘Penny Dreadful: City of Angels’: Spinoff goes from noir to supernatural 4/24/2020
‘Bad Education’ review: Hugh Jackman a class act as thieving school boss 4/24/2020
‘Extraction’ review: Chris Hemsworth flexes physical, emotional muscles 4/23/2020
‘Defending Jacob’ review: Addictive mystery series keeps us guessing 4/22/2020
‘Time Warp’ review: Docuseries sheds light on beloved cult movies 4/20/2020
Apple TV+ series ‘Home’ takes us inside creative dwellings worldwide 4/17/2020
‘Selah and the Spades’ review: Anything goes for wild prep-school teens 4/16/2020
‘#blackAF’ review: Netflix comedy is hilarious right from the start 4/15/2020
‘The Last Dance’ review: Series captures dominance, drama of ’90s Bulls 4/15/2020
‘Mrs. America’ review: Phyllis Schlafly as a savvy woman of steel 4/13/2020
‘Cooked With Cannabis’ takes pot-infused cuisine to new highs 4/13/2020
‘Run’ review: HBO series takes twisty route on its way to funny moments 4/9/2020
‘Saint Frances’ review: Chicago film star is born in locally made indie 4/8/2020
‘Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered’ sheds new light on brutal, baffling case 4/3/2020
‘Coffee & Kareem’ review: Plot almost as foul as the 12-year-old’s mouth 4/3/2020
‘Elephant’ review: Meghan Markle narrates a gentle Disney documentary 4/1/2020
‘The Scheme’ review: Hoops hustler tells all in well-crafted HBO doc 3/29/2020
‘I Still Believe’ review: Movie coaxes tears with sweetness, sincerity 3/27/2020
‘Kill Chain’ review: HBO doc sounds alarm about voting machine hacks 3/26/2020
‘Crip Camp’ review: Compelling Netflix doc recalls a haven for disabled 3/24/2020
"After Truth" review: HBO documentary explains where the Fake News comes from 3/19/2020
"Self Made" review: Octavia Spencer dominates the screen in grand style 3/19/2020
"Big Time Adolescence" review: Pete Davidson shows true talent playing a loser 3/18/2020
"Little Fires Everywhere" review: Reese Witherspoon hits a high-strung high 3/17/2020
"The Plot Against America" review: powerful vision of what could have been 3/15/2020
"Bloodshot" review: Vin Diesel as a new man doing the same old stuff 3/12/2020
"Extra Ordinary" review: Irish horror story also produces big laughs 3/12/2020
"First Cow" review: A sublime, bovine morality play 3/11/2020
"Stargirl" review: An irresistible film debut for Grace VanderWaal 3/11/2020
"The Hunt" review: When social justice warriors shoot to kill 3/11/2020
"Spenser Confidential" review: Mark Wahlberg in a funny Boston B-movie 3/6/2020
"The Way Back" review: Ben Affleck a believable boozer, basketball coach 3/5/2020
"Greed" review: Inequality satire makes its point with wretched excess 3/4/2020
"The Banker" review: Fun period piece deserves your highest interest 3/4/2020
"Devs" review: Mind-bending puzzles pay off in the end 3/3/2020
"Hope Gap" review: Annette Bening just right in a moving story of moving on 3/3/2020
"Onward" review: The worst Pixar movie yet 2/27/2020
"The Misogynists" review: Trump fan has a lot to say in a movie that doesn"t 2/27/2020
"Emma" review: Anya Taylor-Joy puts a devilish spin on the role 2/26/2020
"Seberg" review: Biopic wastes time on people who aren't Jean Seberg 2/26/2020
"The Invisible Man" review: A fresh horror take worth seeing 2/26/2020
Dwyane Wade documentary review: "Life Unexpected" a candid look at NBA star 2/21/2020
"Ordinary Love" review: Plenty of emotion, not much insight 2/20/2020
"Standing Up, Falling Down" review: Unlikely friendship not as corny as it looks 2/20/2020
"The Call of the Wild" review: Digital dog drags down the classic story 2/19/2020
"The Lodge" review: Snowy, scary horror with smart plot, stylish look 2/19/2020
Harrison Ford: Why Chicago kid felt called to "Call of the Wild" 2/18/2020
"Hunters" review: Nazi-chasing series balances the silly, the somber 2/17/2020
"The Photograph," elegant and insightful, puts the focus on personal choices 2/16/2020
"Space Jam"" revisited: 1996 movie is a jam-packed escapade 2/15/2020
Blumhouse's "Fantasy Island" review — not worth the trek to the multiplex 2/14/2020
"Downhill" review: Remake seldom finds the funny in dad's blunder 2/12/2020
"High Fidelity" review: Zoe Kravitz electric as Rob the music snob 2/11/2020
"Foosballers" review: Documentary puts a thoughtful spin on foosball 2/7/2020
"Birds of Prey" review: It's Harley Quinn for the win 2/6/2020
"Horse Girl": Alison Brie resonates as an awkward misfit losing her grip on reality 2/6/2020
"Locke & Key" review: Netflix series offers little to latch on to 2/5/2020
"The Assistant": Predatory boss abuses and erupts in a sort of white-collar horror film 2/5/2020
"McMillions" review: HBO recaps McDonald's scandal, and we"re lovin" it 1/31/2020
"Coda" review: Patrick Stewart in a subtle drama of empathy and ivory 1/30/2020
"The Rhythm Section" review: Addict becomes a master spy, ludicrously 1/29/2020
"The Gentlemen" review: Matthew McConaughey, Henry Golding, Hugh Grant play tough guys in funny crime thriller 1/23/2020
"Color Out of Space": What's freaking out Nicolas Cage this time? A stinky meteorite 1/22/2020
"The Last Full Measure": Flashbacks reveal an airman's heroics in powerful Vietnam story 1/22/2020
"Avenue 5": In new HBO series, a cruise ship in space collides with mediocre humor 1/17/2020
"A Fall from Grace": Tyler Perry brings the best out from some veteran actors 1/17/2020
"Troop Zero": Sugary as it is, underdog story also cozy and inspiring — scout's honor! 1/16/2020
"Bad Boys for Life": Will Smith, Martin Lawrence keep up their chemistry 1/15/2020
"Dolittle" a pathetic waste of seriously talented cast — and moviegoers" time 1/15/2020
"Little America" review: Funny, inspiring vignettes tells immigrant stories that are pleasing without preaching 1/15/2020
HBO's "The Outsider," drawn from Stephen King book, grows stranger by the week 1/10/2020
"Underwater" movie review: No clear reason why murky deep-sea adventure was made 1/9/2020
"Just Mercy" moving and inspiring, even as it follows a formula: Roeper 1/8/2020
"Like a Boss" review: Charms of Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne can't conceal crass comedy's blemishes 1/8/2020
"1917" brilliantly depicts both the chaos and the humanity of World War I 12/24/2019
"Spies in Disguise": Will Smith earns his wings again as the voice of a secret-agent pigeon 12/24/2019
Does "Uncut Gems" deserve the Oscar talk? You bet it does 12/23/2019
"Little Women" movie review: Greta Gerwig makes the classic story feel fresh and relevant 12/21/2019
"A Hidden Life" carries all the spectacular imagery — and occasional tedium — of Terrence Malick 12/19/2019
"Bombshell" movie review: #MeToo docudrama bursting with talent 12/19/2019
John Mulaney and "The Sack Lunch Bunch": Netflix special is one crazy, mixed-up kids' show 12/19/2019
"Cats" movie review: Musical coughs up a hairball of self-indulgence and creepy human-feline hybrids 12/18/2019
"Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" review: The good (not great) side of the Force 12/18/2019
"American Dharma" review: Steve Bannon gets a pass in Errol Morris" tame profile 12/12/2019
"Mel Brooks Unwrapped" review: HBO special showcases the director's blazing talent 12/12/2019
"Jumanji: The Next Level" reunites the video game avatars for rousing, sometimes confusing adventure 12/11/2019
"Richard Jewell" review: A study, not a diatribe, about runaway media and FBI agents victimizing an innocent man 12/11/2019
"A Million Little Pieces" review: James Frey's book works on film, and that's the honest truth 12/5/2019
"Knives and Skin" review: Neo-noir thriller made in Chicago, overflows with haunting visuals, Richard Roeper writes 12/5/2019
"The Two Popes" review: A rich papal powwow starring Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins 12/5/2019
"The Aeronauts" review: Fun, old-fashioned and full of hot air, Richard Roeper writes 12/4/2019
"Work in Progress" review: The hilarious hardship of being smart, funny and queer in Chicago 12/4/2019
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In "Dark Waters," Mark Ruffalo scores as another kind of avenger: an underdog lawyer 11/26/2019
"Queen & Slim" review: Accidental outlaws flee the law on a road trip rich with insight 11/26/2019
"Knives Out" a skillful slice of old-fashioned whodunit: Richard Roeper 11/25/2019
"Dolly Parton's Heartstrings": Songs come to life with all the singer's charms 11/22/2019
"21 Bridges" review: Dumb plot, crummy look sink Chadwick Boseman thriller 11/21/2019
"Honey Boy" review: Shia LaBeouf smartly recalls his own youth, Richard Roeper says 11/21/2019
"Frozen 2" mostly as magical as the original: Richard Roeper 11/20/2019
"Waves" immerses us in a family unaware of the trouble ahead 11/20/2019
"A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" movie review: Tom Hanks makes a wonderful Mister Rogers, when he's there 11/17/2019
"Marriage Story" review: A couple divorces with humor and wrenching pain 11/14/2019
"The Good Liar": Even Helen Mirren, Ian McKellen can't save this convoluted con game 11/14/2019
"The Report": Adam Driver proves his versatility with understated work as a torture investigator 11/14/2019
"Ford v Ferrari" a rip-roaring flashback to "60s motorsports 11/13/2019
"Charlie's Angels" 2019 review: Pointless reboot doesn"t work for me 11/12/2019
Christian Bale says his "Ford v Ferrari" ride beats the Batmobile 11/11/2019
"Green Eggs and Ham" on Netflix becomes a breezy animated series kids will like here, there or anywhere 11/8/2019
"Midway" arms its big-name cast with stock roles, second-rate dialogue 11/7/2019
"Doctor Sleep" review: Ewan McGregor makes a decent Danny in "The Shining" sequel 11/6/2019
"Last Christmas" review: One of the best holiday movies in years 11/6/2019
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"Motherless Brooklyn": Edward Norton's richly layered film noir has one major flaw — Edward Norton 10/31/2019
"Paradise Hills" review: Young women learn subservience in futuristic fairy tale 10/31/2019
"Harriet": Cynthia Erivo convincingly plays the freedom fighter as both rebellious slave and action hero 10/30/2019
"Terminator: Dark Fate" review: Too much deja vu makes sequel a boring retread 10/30/2019
"The Morning Show" review: Sex scandal shakes up news team on AppleTV+'s new series 10/29/2019
"Mrs. Fletcher" follows two lives, and only one is worth watching 10/25/2019
"JoJo Rabbit": Imagine that — in these sensitive times, a Hitler comedy that works 10/24/2019
"The Current War" review: Electrical period piece seldom flickers 10/24/2019
"Black and Blue": Heavy on stereotypes, police thriller blows its chance to make a statement 10/23/2019
In the glow of "The Lighthouse," Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe go brilliantly insane 10/23/2019
"Watchmen" worth watching for clever plot twists, outstanding acting 10/19/2019
"Modern Love" transforms N.Y. Times columns into smart, funny video vignettes 10/18/2019
"Parasite" review: Insightful social satire earns its twists and turns 10/18/2019
"Zombieland: Double Tap": Drop-dead funny stars breathe some life into a tired genre 10/17/2019
"Maleficent: Mistress of Evil": Angelina Jolie wears the horns again in a gorgeous, ambitious thrill ride 10/16/2019
"Living With Yourself": Paul Rudd doubly delightful as a man and his higher-caliber clone 10/15/2019
"El Camino" review: Netflix's Jesse Pinkman movie lives up to "Breaking Bad" standards 10/11/2019
"Pain and Glory": Pedro Almodovar makes moments with meaning 10/11/2019
"Gemini Man": It's Will Smith times two in a dumb digital disaster 10/10/2019
"The Addams Family" delivers light laughs and a heavy message 10/10/2019
"Dolemite Is My Name" review: Now this is the Eddie Murphy we know and love and laugh with 10/9/2019
"The Parts You Lose": For bullied boy, this bad guy doesn"t seem so bad 10/4/2019
"Lucy in the Sky" review: Natalie Portman, we have a problem 10/3/2019
"The Laundromat" crudely mixes the dark and the light, blemishing everything 10/3/2019
"Joker" review: Joaquin Phoenix a first-class clown in chilling, absorbing supervillain movie 10/2/2019
"Holy Trinity": Welcome to a bizarro Chicago where the colors are bold and the humor is bawdy 9/27/2019
"Where's My Roy Cohn?": A thorough portrait of a ruthless real-life villain 9/26/2019
"Judy": A role that got away from Renee Zellweger 9/25/2019
New Netflix series "The Politician" gets low approval rating from Richard Roeper 9/24/2019
Distant replay: Sports movie, buddy movie or tearjerker, you can't go wrong with "Brian's Song" 9/21/2019
"American Dreamer": The best proof yet that, as a dramatic actor, Jim Gaffigan is ready for his closeup 9/20/2019
"Rambo: Last Blood" review: "Repellent piece of trash" should end Stallone franchise 9/20/2019
"7 Days to Vegas": In both poker and comedy, gambling romp knows its stuff 9/19/2019
"Between Two Ferns: The Movie": Zach Galifianakis" clueless alter ego just as rude on the road 9/19/2019
"Ad Astra": Brad Pitt sent to save Earth in a beautiful, daring space oddity 9/18/2019
"Downton Abbey" movie a happy homecoming 9/17/2019
"Haunt": Fun-seeking students the prey in a stylish Halloween gore-fest 9/12/2019
"Hustlers" slickly strips down a real-life crime to sisterhood and glitter-covered hilarity 9/12/2019
"Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice" pays tribute to a versatile virtuoso 9/12/2019
"Unbelievable" a credible, exceptional story of the system helping — and harming — a rape victim 9/12/2019
"The Goldfinch": Morose encounters with the unhappy, the unstable and the crudely caricatured 9/11/2019
"Super Size Me 2": It isn"t Morgan Spurlock expanding this time, it's the chickens 9/6/2019
"Official Secrets": Would-be thriller jumps from one talking point to the next 9/5/2019
"It Chapter Two" a good scare, but not as good as the first one 9/3/2019
"Untouchable" focuses on those who endured Harvey Weinstein's horrors, and those who knew 8/31/2019
"The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance" puts you in a magical world of cute puppets, ugly puppets, scary puppets 8/30/2019
"The Fanatic": Look who's stalking — It's John Travolta in another of his oddities 8/30/2019
"Don't Let Go": Too many hangups spoil a promising, time-bending thriller 8/29/2019
"Brittany Runs a Marathon" keeps the laughs coming at a steady pace 8/28/2019
"After the Wedding": The twists don"t turn out in morose, off-putting drama 8/23/2019
“World City In Its Teens” review: A filmmaking masterpiece about 1930s Chicago 8/23/2019
"Peanut Butter Falcon" review: It's sweet and corny but undeniably engaging 8/22/2019
"Ready or Not": Say yes to the distress of a bride chased by killers 8/20/2019
"Major League" is a comedy of errors — and hits 8/17/2019
"The Nightingale": After an act of brutality, a woman reacts with resilience 8/16/2019
On HBO's "Righteous Gemstones," the Lord's servants work in devious ways 8/16/2019
"Blinded by the Light": The sounds of Bruce Springsteen energize a familiar story 8/15/2019
"Good Boys" stays sweet through kids" raunchy run-ins 8/14/2019
"Where"d You Go, Bernadette" focuses on a woman you wish would stay gone 8/14/2019
Why the heroes didn"t take a knee in "Avengers: Endgame" — the co-director explains 8/13/2019
"Light of My Life": Dystopia tale falls prey to Casey Affleck's excesses 8/9/2019
"Them That Follow" examines the hazards of misreading God's will 8/9/2019
"Brian Banks": A skillful rendition of a wrongful conviction 8/8/2019
"The Art of Racing in the Rain" squanders its golden opportunity 8/8/2019
"The Kitchen" review: If you can't stand farfetched plot twists, stay out of this movie 8/7/2019
Thrilling but also engaging, "Luce" keeps us guessing 8/6/2019
"Mike Wallace Is Here": Footage from the past says it all in insightful bio of a journalism great 8/1/2019
"Hobbs & Shaw" gives the very cool Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham nothing cool to do 7/31/2019
New series from 'south Side" team another solid-gold success 7/30/2019
The best treats, trifles and trivia of Quentin Tarantino's latest movie 7/29/2019
"Skin": Jamie Bell indelible as man whose tattoos give away his neo-Nazi past 7/26/2019
"David Crosby: Remember My Name": Thinking about the many times he has fallen 7/25/2019
"Eastland" documentary profiles heroes and villains of the 1915 Chicago River disaster 7/25/2019
"South Side" sitcom so funny, so smart, that 10 episodes aren't enough 7/23/2019
"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" review: Quentin Tarantino's colorful snapshot of an era 7/22/2019
"This Changes Everything": Stars detail Hollywood's slow progress in correcting its sexism 7/20/2019
"Into the Ashes": Stylish, violent Western noir keeps us guessing 7/19/2019
"Sword of Trust": Marc Maron leads a cast of pros in sharp-edged comedy 7/19/2019
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"The Farewell": The lovely story of a family like everybody's 7/17/2019
"Moneyball" was on the money: Hollywood did everything right 7/13/2019
"Cooked": Edifying documentary sheds light on Chicago's deadly "95 heat wave 7/12/2019
"Lying and Stealing": Fun actors, odd details set caper apart from the B-movie pack 7/12/2019
"Miss Arizona": Comic melodrama strong in the talent portion but short of perfection 7/11/2019
"The Lion King" review: Lifelike remake looks beautiful, mostly lives up to original 7/11/2019
"Stuber": Actors" chemistry gives Uber comedy a Lyft 7/10/2019
Dave Bautista, Kumail Nanjiani step out of their comfort zones for "Stuber" 7/9/2019
"Ophelia" review: What a piece of work is the woman who loves Hamlet 7/4/2019
"Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am": The author's inspiring story, as told by her friends and herself 7/4/2019
For patient horror fans, "Midsommar" pays off 7/1/2019
"Spider-Man: Far From Home" 3-star movie review: light, bright, wildly entertaining 6/27/2019
“Yesterday”movie review: A fab opportunity missed 6/26/2019
"The Raft" movie review: an oddly fascinating experiment in life and filmmaking 6/25/2019
“Wild Rose” review: Jessie Buckley is pure star power in formulaic but engaging story 6/25/2019
"The Loudest Voice" review: Russell Crowe a powerhouse as Roger Ailes 6/24/2019
"Nightmare Cinema": The goriest, most twisted movie of the year so far 6/21/2019
"Being Frank": Even as a deceitful jerk secretly doing double daddy duty, Jim Gaffigan wins us over 6/20/2019
"Echo in the Canyon": Jakob Dylan signs a love letter to "60s folk/rock scene in Laurel Canyon 6/20/2019
"Framing John DeLorean": Hybrid film, assembled from mismatched parts, still a heck of a ride 6/18/2019
HBO's "Euphoria" series starring Zendaya a cautionary tale for teens, horror show for parents 6/14/2019
"The Last Black Man in San Francisco" review: So much beauty 6/14/2019
"Late Night" review: Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling bring the laughs 6/13/2019
"Shaft" review: Samuel L. Jackson's new version mostly goes for laughs — and misses 6/13/2019
"The Dead Don"t Die," a meta comedy about zombies, takes deadpan approach to undead 6/13/2019
"Toy Story 4" review: A Pixar sequel as wonderful as the others plays for keeps 6/13/2019
"Men in Black: International" review: The difference is, they make this look silly 6/12/2019
"16 Shots" a riveting recap of Laquan McDonald shooting, muddle that followed 6/11/2019
"Rolling Thunder Revue" revisits a tour when Bob Dylan sang, drove the bus — and even had fun 6/10/2019
"Halston": Traditional doc on the designer is adorned with an unusual detail 6/7/2019
"Loopers": Bill Murray tips his cap to caddies in a lively, respectful documentary 6/6/2019
"Dark Phoenix" a mediocre entry in the "X-Men" movie canon 6/5/2019
"Pavarotti" documentary review: Ron Howard delivers beautiful tribute 6/5/2019
"The Tomorrow Man": 2 great actors go astray in a rocky romance 5/31/2019
"Godzilla: King of the Monsters" review: "MonsterVerse" entry forgets to have fun 5/29/2019
"Brightburn" review: The child from the spaceship is no Superman 5/23/2019
"The Souvenir" a stunning study of a smart woman who can't quit a dangerous man 5/23/2019
"Aladdin" review: Will Smith's blue Genie is pretty cool, once you get to know him 5/22/2019
"Booksmart" review: For the smart girls, a wild but insightful night of partying 5/21/2019
"Rocketman" review: The greatly entertaining biopic Elton John deserves 5/21/2019
"The Professor": Fear and loathing in academia, starring Johnny Depp as a scholar to avoid 5/17/2019
"Catch-22": War is hell, but sometimes silly, in George Clooney's military satire 5/16/2019
"Trial by Fire": Death Row thriller worth seeing for provocative issues — and one scorching cameo 5/16/2019
"John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum": More fights, more insanity, more great dogs 5/11/2019
HBO's "What's My Name" expertly tells story of Muhammad Ali as fighter, thinker 5/10/2019
"The Hustle": The attempts at humor sting in a crummy con-job comedy 5/9/2019
"Tolkien" portrays "Hobbit" creator as suitor, soldier — and crashing bore 5/9/2019
"Wine Country": Sweet and expressive, but with some earthy notes 5/9/2019
Mary Magdalene lives in Jesus' shadow, even in her own movie 5/3/2019
"Extremely Wicked ..." review: As Ted Bundy's wary wife, Lily Collins excels 5/2/2019
"The Intruder": A real estate thriller located in a cul-de-sac of idiocy 5/2/2019
"Long Shot": Mismatch of Seth Rogen, Charlize Theron launches the laughs 5/1/2019
"Avengers: Endgame": 22 little moments that added up to greatness 4/30/2019
Stirring documentary "Knock Down the House" captures the rise of AOC 4/30/2019
"Avengers: Endgame": Three hours of action and emotion, and worth every second 4/26/2019
Quirky comedy "Family" like "Uncle Buck" in Juggalo makeup 4/25/2019
"Red Joan": The spy who bored me 4/25/2019
Authentic and impactful, CBS' "The Red Line" will ring true for Chicagoans 4/22/2019
"Fast Color": Smart, cool story of a woman who hates her supernatural powers 4/18/2019
"Her Smell": More than enough of hard-rocking Becky with the bad attitude 4/18/2019
"Teen Spirit": A 'star Is Born" story with a "Karate Kid" feel 4/18/2019
After 30 years, "Field of Dreams" has held a place in the heart of America 4/14/2019
"Crypto" review: A cybercurrency thriller in which odd little moments are a major asset 4/11/2019
"Hellboy" reboot cares more about carnage than character 4/11/2019
"The Chaperone" introduces a wild young star, then looks elsewhere 4/10/2019
Two strong stars enhance a "Native Son" updated for now 4/5/2019
"The Best of Enemies": Detente between foes shouldn"t feel so obvious 4/5/2019
Mediocre new "Pet Sematary" still better than the old one 4/4/2019
"Shazam!": Let's hear it for the boy who becomes a superhero 4/4/2019
Jordan Peele's reboot plays great, if not quite "Twilight Zone" great 4/1/2019
"Screwball": Too much kid stuff in cheeky doc on baseball juicing 3/29/2019
Financial thriller "The Hummingbird Project" delivers hokum at high frequency 3/29/2019
"Hotel Mumbai" a rough but respectful recap of a city's scariest days 3/28/2019
White House comedy "Veep," one of TV's all-time best, begins its final term 3/28/2019
Mel Gibson plays a racist cop in lurid thriller "Dragged Across Concrete" 3/22/2019
"The Aftermath": Brit officer, German maverick share home, things never get real 3/21/2019
"The Highwaymen": Solid detective film redeems the man who nabbed Bonnie & Clyde 3/21/2019
"Us" review: Jordan Peele follows "Get Out" with a sensational slasher thriller 3/20/2019
"Captive State" review: Aliens invade Chicago in a sci-fi action film with an indie-movie feel 3/15/2019
"Finding Steve McQueen": Criminals not quite geniuses in a story not quite true 3/14/2019
"Never Grow Old" review: John Cusack oozes menace as Old West villain 3/14/2019
"Gloria Bell": Simple moments, powerful ones — Julianne Moore makes all magnetic 3/13/2019
"I'm Not Here": J.K. Simmons stuns as a boozy, broken man recalling his missteps 3/9/2019
"Climax": Young dancers in horror rave exciting to watch, annoying to know 3/8/2019
"The Kid": Top-tier actors saddle up for a boy's-eye view of Old West outlaw 3/7/2019
"Triple Frontier": Surprises around every corner as Special Ops vets try a heist 3/6/2019
"Captain Marvel" review: Humor, sweetness empower a fun "90s throwback 3/5/2019
Look who's stalking: The great Isabelle Huppert slums in humdrum film "Greta" 2/28/2019
"Green Book" review: A feel-good '60s road trip with a bruiser and a jazzman 2/24/2019
Cancer barely fazes the low-key, funny friends of "Paddleton" 2/23/2019
In "O.G.," shot at an Indiana prison, Jeffrey Wright stuns as inmate nearly free 2/22/2019
In HBO documentary, Michael Jackson is possibly a molester, definitely a weirdo 2/21/2019
"Fighting With My Family": Uplifting comedy follows clan with WWE ambitions 2/20/2019
"Alita: Battle Angel" a big-name, big-budget ripoff of much better sci-fi 2/14/2019
"Happy Death Day 2U": The first succeeded, so Tree dies and dies again 2/13/2019
Tucker: A man, his dream, his cars, a scandal — and a Chicago film classic 2/10/2019
On "Crashing," how comics are respecting — or mocking — the #MeToo movement 2/8/2019
"Rendezvous in Chicago" feels like eavesdropping on clever conversations 2/8/2019
"Man Who Killed Hitler ...": Exciting sighting of Sam Elliott as Bigfoot hunter 2/7/2019
"What Men Want": Taraji P. Henson brings the fun to a hit-and-miss comedy 2/7/2019
"Miss Bala": Run away from Gina Rodriguez's ludicrous drug-running shoot-"em-up 2/1/2019
"Velvet Buzzsaw": Netflix movie funny as an art attack 2/1/2019
"Russian Doll": Netflix series relives "Groundhog" scenario, smartly and darkly 1/31/2019
"Cold Pursuit": In the crisp winter air, Liam Neeson makes revenge a riot 1/30/2019
"The Lego Movie 2" pieces together pop culture, pop music into another winner 1/28/2019
"An Acceptable Loss": Star firepower of Jamie Lee Curtis, Tika Sumpter prevails 1/25/2019
"Egg": Having babies a fertile topic for wicked, fast-paced dialogue 1/25/2019
"Serenity" a thriller so nice, you"ll want to see it twice 1/24/2019
"Don't Come Back From the Moon": Beauty in a town where kids flower, dads flee 1/18/2019
"Canal Street": A Chicago crime story, sharply made, sadly familiar 1/17/2019
"Glass" half empty: M. Night Shyamalan's trilogy comes to a disappointing end 1/16/2019
The story of a colossal music festival failure, told twice (and well) 1/16/2019
"Stan & Ollie" showcases Laurel, Hardy and the great actors playing them 1/10/2019
"The Upside" puts up pointless obstacles on two men's path to betterment 1/10/2019
"True Detective" restores its luster with Season 3, led by fiery Mahershala Ali 1/2/2019
"On the Basis of Sex" makes weak argument for Ruth Bader Ginsburg's success 12/24/2018
"Vice": Christian Bale transforms himself in a zany take on Dick Cheney 12/24/2018
"Bird Box": Sandra Bullock at her best in a thriller of blinding skill 12/23/2018
"If Beale Street Could Talk" a tender romance in a dark, all too recent reality 12/23/2018
"Second Act" review: Upbeat but familiar shtick from Jennifer Lopez 12/21/2018
"Welcome to Marwen": The uplifting story of a charming figure and his action figure 12/20/2018
"Aquaman" review: Soaked to the gills with fun 12/19/2018
Steve Carell welcomes the challenge of "Welcome to Marwen" 12/18/2018
"Vox Lux" review: A career low for Natalie Portman 12/14/2018
"Ben Is Back" review: Julia Roberts has never been better 12/13/2018
"Mary Queen of Scots": Two monarchs with the same message, over and over 12/13/2018
"Mary Poppins Returns": A revival in the most delightful way 12/12/2018
"The Mule" review: Clint Eastwood in a trafficking jam 12/12/2018
"Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" review: It's the wall-crawler's best movie yet 12/11/2018
"Dumplin" " review: Good golly, so much Dolly Parton 12/7/2018
"Asher" review: Ron Perlman nicely executes a hit-man role 12/6/2018
"Roma" review: Every moment a masterpiece in Cuaron's gorgeous period piece 12/5/2018
"The Favourite" review: Raunchy royal romp brings out best in 3 top actresses 11/29/2018
"Robin Hood" review: All this outlaw robs is your time 11/21/2018
"At Eternity's Gate": Vincent van Gogh portrait painted with a shaky brush 11/20/2018
"Creed II" review: Plenty of heart, punch left in the franchise 11/20/2018
"Beautiful Boy" review: a sensitive addiction drama 11/19/2018
"Ralph Breaks the Internet" review: A GR8 chance to LOL 11/19/2018
"Ballad of Buster Scruggs" review: The Coen brothers go west 11/16/2018
"The Front Runner" review: Gary Hart's crash, told with satire and sympathy 11/16/2018
"Instant Family" review: Broad comedy blends badly with heavy-handed melodrama 11/15/2018
"Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" review: An overloaded chamber of subplots 11/13/2018
"Widows" review: Viola Davis in one of the year's best movies 11/12/2018
"A Private War" review: Rosamund Pike acts with authenticity as combat correspondent 11/8/2018
"Boy Erased" review: Lucas Hedges does the heavy lifting as a gay teen being "cured" 11/8/2018
"Dr. Seuss' The Grinch" like you've never seen/With a Grinch who isn"t very mean 11/8/2018
"Homecoming" review: Julia Roberts heads up Amazon series" knockout cast 11/2/2018
"Suspira" review: You can dance, you can die in convoluted horror remake 11/1/2018
"Wildlife" review: Well-acted family drama doesn"t quite work 11/1/2018
"Bohemian Rhapsody" review: Freddie Mercury bio is no pleasure cruise 10/31/2018
"Mid90s" review: Jonah Hill makes a hella accurate '90s flashback 10/25/2018
"What They Had" review: Top-notch cast in a moving Chicago drama 10/25/2018
New "Halloween" stays true to splatter movie traditions 10/18/2018
"The Oath" review: Thanksgiving the setting for edgy social satire 10/18/2018
"Bad Times at the El Royale" review: An homage to the Tarantino homages 10/12/2018
"The Hate U Give" review: An emotional story reflecting realities of right now 10/12/2018
"First Man" brilliantly depicts rise of Neil Armstrong, step by giant step 10/11/2018
"A Star Is Born" review: The thrills aren't just musical 10/5/2018
"All About Nina" review: A hot-mess comedian walks into a bar ... 10/4/2018
"The Old Man & the Gun": Robert Redford steals the show in final role 10/4/2018
"Venom" review: The dumb plot and weak effects sting 10/4/2018
"Blaze" a sad, poetic portrait of best singer you"ve never heard of 9/30/2018
"The Sisters Brothers" review: A new look at the Old West 9/28/2018
"Smallfoot" review: Zippy, silly animated tale applauds the curious nature of the beast 9/26/2018
"A Happening of Monumental Proportions" review: Lots of stars in off-putting scenes 9/23/2018
"Little Italy," like its laughable poster, seems to come from a dumber era 9/23/2018
"The Predator" review: Get to da exit! 9/13/2018
"A Simple Favor" review: Kendrick, Lively click in wickedly funny thriller 9/12/2018
"Peppermint" movie review: Jennifer Garner back to kicking butt in nasty revenge thriller 9/11/2018
"Slice" review: Chance the Rapper fits right in with witty cast 9/11/2018
"Kidding" review: Jim Carrey brilliant as a despairing puppet show host 9/7/2018
"Next Gen" overloads its animated robots with too many shifts in plot and tone 9/7/2018
"Destination Wedding" review: Lots of lines for Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, no one else 9/6/2018
"Operation Finale" review: Eichmann capture somehow made formulaic 8/30/2018
"The Wife" review: Glenn Close knows her Nobel-winning husband is no prize 8/23/2018
"Mile 22" review: Mark Wahlberg in a gruesome, convoluted mess 8/17/2018
Reviews of "The Miseducation of Cameron Post" and "Down a Dark Hall," 2 teen girl dramas 8/17/2018
"Crazy Rich Asians" review: Upbeat, upscale rom-com delivers 24k entertainment 8/14/2018
How non-actor Henry Golding won the coveted lead role in "Crazy Rich Asians" 8/11/2018
"BlacKkKlansman" review: Spike Lee delivers one of the best films of the year 8/8/2018
Why is John David Washington the star of "BlacKkKlansman"? Because Spike Lee said so 8/7/2018
"Christopher Robin" review: Winnie the Pooh fairy tale as sweet as hunny 8/3/2018
"The Spy Who Dumped Me" never lets Mila Kunis, Kate McKinnon show comic chemistry 8/1/2018
"Mission: Impossible — Fallout" review: Tom Cruise at his unstoppable best 7/26/2018
"Don't Worry He Won't Get Far on Foot" movie review: A tour-de-force for Joaquin Phoenix 7/20/2018
"Eighth Grade" movie review — Brilliant film captures agony, ecstasy of adolescence 7/18/2018
Denzel Washington unstoppable in slick, well-acted "Equalizer 2" 7/18/2018
"Mamma Mia 2" review: Campy sequel sure to please fans 7/18/2018
"Eating Animals" film asks: Want food from a farmer or a factory? 7/13/2018
"Skyscraper" leaves Dwayne Johnson hanging a few too many times 7/12/2018
Candid Whitney Houston film reminds us how exciting the rise, how sad the fall 7/7/2018
"Sharp Objects" should be first choice for summer appointment TV 7/6/2018
"Ant-Man and the Wasp" a buzzworthy sequel full of laughs and CGI thrills 7/5/2018
Harsh and moving, "Leave No Trace" on the mark about life off the grid 7/5/2018
"Sicario: Day of the Soldado," brilliant and a bit nuts, lives up to original 6/28/2018
"Uncle Drew": NBA greats step up their joke game in a winning court comedy 6/28/2018
The meaning of people's Bill Murray stories, outta nowhere 6/22/2018
"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" is how bad? It's "Rocky V" bad 6/20/2018
"Yellowstone" TV series a juicy soap opera in Western attire 6/19/2018
"Tag": In dopey comedy, nobody's a winner 6/15/2018
"Gotti" ranks low in the mob-movie hierarchy 6/14/2018
"The Incredibles 2" succeeds but lacks the superpowers of the first 6/12/2018
John Travolta wears the jacket, and the jewelry, to nail mobster role in "Gotti" 6/9/2018
While "211" in progress, Nicolas Cage (mostly) plays it cool 6/7/2018
"Hereditary" a slow build toward horror shocks not easily forgotten 6/7/2018
A woman confronts her teen trauma in HBO's powerful film "The Tale" 5/25/2018
"On Chesil Beach": As waves roar, a good-looking love story crashes 5/24/2018
"First Reformed": Ethan Hawke stuns as a clergyman hot under the collar 5/23/2018
"Always at the Carlyle": Insightful documentary peeks inside hotel of the stars 5/17/2018
"Dark Crimes": Exploitation, manipulation and Jim Carrey at his bleakest 5/17/2018
"Deadpool 2" a dark, gruesome delight, from start to very funny finish 5/14/2018
"Measure of a Man": In Bicentennial summer, a teen aims for some independence 5/10/2018
"Terminal" presents an outrageous plot, but eclectic cast makes it work 5/10/2018
"Anon": Amanda Seyfried sticks in your mind as a sci-fi mystery woman 5/4/2018
In "The Week Of," Adam Sandler plans a wedding ... for ruder, for poorer 4/27/2018
"Avengers: Infinity War" unites Stark and Star-Lord in a massive Marvel mashup 4/25/2018
"Super Troopers 2" jokes about cops and Canada mostly misfire 4/19/2018
On way to medical career, Chicago native detoured to "Super Troopers" 4/18/2018
"Rampage" makes giant mutant gorilla, wolf and crocodile look stupid 4/12/2018
In "You Were Never Really Here," the quiet moments show Joaquin Phoenix's power 4/12/2018
"Andre the Giant" film sizes up the struggles of being Andre the man 4/9/2018
"Paterno": Al Pacino back in top form as the football legend tainted by scandal 4/6/2018
"A Quiet Place": A family stays safe and soundless in well-crafted thriller 4/5/2018
In teen sex comedy "Blockers," the dirtier the antics, the dumber the jokes 4/5/2018
In praise of "Jesus Christ Superstar," a generation's cool take on the gospels 3/29/2018
"Ready Player One": Come play with us in Spielberg's dazzling virtual universe 3/26/2018
"The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling" reveals deep emotions in the late comedian 3/24/2018
"Midnight Sun" better than nothing, better than "Everything, Everything" 3/23/2018
"Paul, Apostle of Christ" thoughtfully depicts a disciple's final days 3/22/2018
"Unsane": On an iPhone, Steven Soderbergh creates effective little thriller 3/22/2018
"7 Days in Entebbe" turns audacious rescue into a listless thriller 3/14/2018
"Gringo" delivers one wild, wacky, convoluted ride you don"t want to miss 3/8/2018
Little seems real — not Chicago, not bloodshed — in Bruce Willis" "Death Wish" 3/1/2018
In the likable cast of the violent comedy "Game Night," there are no losers 2/22/2018
"Annihilation": Innovations abound as Natalie Portman ventures into the unknown 2/21/2018
"Mercury in Retrograde": Saugatuck trip an eye-opener in slice-of-life drama 2/15/2018
"Basmati Blues": Yes, Brie Larson made a musical about rice, and it's terrible 2/9/2018
"The 15:17 to Paris": Performing an act of bravery doesn"t mean you can act 2/9/2018
"The Ballad of Lefty Brown" puts Old West sidekick Bill Pullman out front 2/7/2018
Bears documentary shuffles '85 memories into a must-see time capsule 1/26/2018
No modesty on the menu for Uptown chef profiled in painfully raw "42 Grams" 1/26/2018
"A Futile and Stupid Gesture": A majorly meta telling of National Lampoon story 1/25/2018
After exciting start, heist thriller "Den of Thieves" loses momentum 1/18/2018
"Mom and Dad" has fun with a crazy premise: diseased parents hunting their kids 1/18/2018
The war horsemen ride to Afghanistan's rescue in cliché collection "12 Strong" 1/17/2018
The twists in Liam Neeson's "The Commuter" visible a mile down the tracks 1/11/2018
"Phantom Thread": Daniel Day-Lewis gets to very fiber of a fussy man of fashion 1/9/2018
"Hostiles": Wounds of the West heal slowly in brutal frontier tale 1/4/2018
Steven Spielberg casts his glow over a brave '70s newsroom in "The Post" 1/3/2018
Put an orc in it: Will Smith's cop fantasy "Bright" a Netflix disaster 12/26/2017
As character studies and poker tales go, "Molly's Game" the real deal 12/26/2017
Intriguing "Downsizing" uses smaller people to explain bigger ideas 12/21/2017
Smart and funny, "I, Tonya" attempts some tricky moves, nails them all 12/21/2017
Rising above the lurid material, Al Pacino gives "Hangman" his all 12/20/2017
Catchy songs steal the show in "The Greatest Showman" 12/20/2017
Beauty surrounds intense, unsettling fling in "Call Me by Your Name" 12/14/2017
"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" stays true to joys of the franchise 12/12/2017
In dark thriller "Bullet Head," dogs wag the tale of a heist gone awry 12/8/2017
"Darkest Hour": Gary Oldman brings out power, and flaws, of Churchill 12/6/2017
"Voyeur": How famed writer Gay Talese got duped by a snoop 11/30/2017
The exciting Land of the Dead is where "Coco" really comes to life 11/21/2017
"Roman J. Israel, Esq." waylays a winning Denzel Washington character 11/21/2017
Signs of hope can be a beautiful thrill in searing world of "Mudbound" 11/16/2017
Humor, heartbreak merge in "Three Billboards ...," one of year's best 11/16/2017
Fun "Justice League" cleverly assembles a superhuman fight club 11/15/2017
Louis C.K.'s "I Love You, Daddy": Impressive but impossible to enjoy 11/11/2017
"All the Queen's Horses" plainly explains how Dixon got plundered 11/9/2017
Greta Gerwig's "Lady Bird" so appealing, we can't wait to see her next 11/9/2017
"Last Flag Flying": Veterans" story told with wit and emotion 11/9/2017
Director takes personal approach to CTE in "Requiem for Running Back" 11/9/2017
Seemingly smug at first, "Tragedy Girls" ends up effective horror 11/9/2017
In fun "Thor: Ragnarok," action unfolds with a goofy "Guardians" vibe 11/2/2017
"All I See Is You": Ridiculous behavior by Blake Lively, Jason Clarke 10/26/2017
"The Killing of a Sacred Deer" chooses a unique style, sticks with it 10/26/2017
Arnold Schwarzenegger hams it up with "SNL" alum in "Killing Gunther" 10/20/2017
Limited in actions, Andrew Garfield holds our attention in "Breathe" 10/19/2017
In "Goodbye Christopher Robin," harsh themes a bit of a bother 10/19/2017
"Wheelman" successfully puts a supporting player in the driver's seat 10/19/2017
"Only the Brave" lays out the humanity of its firefighting heroes 10/18/2017
Vince Vaughn a convincing prison brute in "Brawl in Cell Block 99" 10/12/2017
"The Florida Project" ably explores gloomy lives under sunny skies 10/12/2017
"The Mountain Between Us": Irritating duo finds love on the rocks 10/5/2017
Visual marvel "Blade Runner 2049" as awesome as the original 10/2/2017
"American Made": Tom Cruise charms as pilot with a need for greed 9/28/2017
"Our Souls at Night": Robert Redford, Jane Fonda in a lovely romance 9/28/2017
In the "Woodshock" forest, pomposity grows and grows 9/28/2017
Pearl Jam at Wrigley: A thrill for Vedder and fans in "Let's Play Two" 9/27/2017
"Brad's Status" shocker: Ben Stiller as a bitter, resentful guy 9/21/2017
Bigger and louder isn"t better for "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" 9/21/2017
Ludicrous, badly cast "American Assassin" full of holes 9/14/2017
Angelina Jolie's expert touch evident in "First They Killed My Father" 9/14/2017
O "mother!," what art thou? Odd Jennifer Lawrence film pounds senses 9/13/2017
"The Limehouse Golem": Well-acted horror both fictional and factual 9/10/2017
No doubt about "IT": Stephen King clown puts serious scares on screen 9/6/2017
"The Layover": Bad acting by Kate Upton, co-stars fuels air disaster 9/3/2017
Now in 3-D, brilliant "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" worth a fresh look 8/25/2017
Ballet tale "Leap!" seldom missteps (except for that murder thing) 8/24/2017
As sociopath thief, Robert Pattinson earns no empathy in "Good Time" 8/17/2017
"Ingrid Goes West": Internet satire #blessed with perfectly cast stars 8/17/2017
"Pilgrimage" sends Spidey, "Walking Dead" star on a 13th century quest 8/10/2017
Attempt to redeem reprehensible dad cracks "The Glass Castle" 8/10/2017
"Brigsby Bear" smarter than the average indie dramedy 8/3/2017
Stilted dialogue, McConaughey's corny villain crumble "The Dark Tower" 8/3/2017
"Landline": Amusing '90s period piece strikes the right dial tone 7/27/2017
Charlize Theron joins action's top echelon with slick "Atomic Blonde" 7/26/2017
Tight focus intensifies the drama of riot recap "Detroit" 7/25/2017
Bruce Willis cop film "First Kill" goes with any refreshment of choice 7/20/2017
Christopher Nolan's deeply moving "Dunkirk" a triumph in filmmaking 7/18/2017
In "Blind," the old chemistry comes back for Alec Baldwin, Demi Moore 7/13/2017
Plenty of hilarity amidst the heresy of "The Little Hours" 7/13/2017
"A Ghost Story" finds meaning in one man's paranormal inactivity 7/12/2017
No time for monkey business in gritty "War for the Planet of the Apes" 7/11/2017
A lesser Hemsworth tames Old West town in the cliché-riddled "Hickok" 7/6/2017
Unique "Spider-Man: Homecoming" explores school as much as skies 7/3/2017
"The Big Sick" turns unorthodox courtship into smart, silly rom-com 6/29/2017
Depressing, mean-spirited jokes in "The House" never pay off 6/29/2017
"Baby Driver" a high-speed vehicle for the fast and the hilarious 6/27/2017
Satirical fairy tale "Okja" lets great actors go hog wild 6/26/2017
"Maudie": Sally Hawkins delights as a hard-luck pauper who loves life 6/22/2017
Blending camp, cults, cameos & cannibals, "The Bad Batch" not all bad 6/22/2017
"All Eyez on Me" keeps it real on the good, bad of Tupac Shakur's life 6/16/2017
In "Beatriz at Dinner," the characters get emptier as the plates do 6/15/2017
"Once Upon a Time in Venice": Even in schlock, Bruce Willis entertains 6/15/2017
Not the slo-mo walk! Script gets lazy as "Rough Night" women get crazy 6/15/2017
"It Comes at Night" keeps us guessing about characters' nature 6/8/2017
Selfish dad glowers in the attic in darkly funny "Wakefield" 6/8/2017
That's one cool dog saving lives (and the heroine) in "Megan Leavey" 6/7/2017
In Netflix's "War Machine," Brad Pitt goes over the top — and it works 5/26/2017
Promising chiller "Black Butterfly" wrecked by one twist too many 5/25/2017
"Baywatch": A dumb TV show inspires a dumb movie 5/24/2017
In teen tale "Everything, Everything," genuine emotions never get out 5/18/2017
"The Real Life Rocky" gets his due in appealing biopic "Chuck" 5/11/2017
"The Wall": Mystery of unseen sniper heightens thriller's tension 5/11/2017
Fun banter of Hawn, Schumer dashed when "Snatched" gets to jungle 5/10/2017
How deep are truths of the soapy thriller "Illicit"? Not very 5/4/2017
"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" brings the funny and the feels 5/2/2017
"The Circle" uses latest tech culture to state old, tired ideas 4/28/2017
Nicole Kidman's "Queen of the Desert" moves at a camel's pace 4/13/2017
Jake Johnson plays intriguing Chicago character in "Win It All" 4/6/2017
Young math whiz gets a lesson in division in gripping "Gifted" 4/5/2017
Ambitious and unnerving, "The Discovery" an afterlife delight 3/30/2017
"Dig Two Graves" offers fine acting, big thrills on a low budget 3/24/2017
"T2 Trainspotting" mates older, not much wiser in worthy sequel 3/23/2017
Poorly acted "Ottoman Lieutenant" also glosses over genocide 3/9/2017
"The Shack": Christian novel adaptation works in tedious ways 3/2/2017
In "Logan," reinvented Wolverine makes a deep impression 3/1/2017
Artsy "Dark Night" takes aim at shooting sprees, misses 2/23/2017
"Get Out" earns its laughs while honoring horror traditions 2/22/2017
Don"t subject yourself to mean, humor-free "Fist Fight" 2/16/2017
"The Great Wall" a ridiculous monster epic made in China 2/15/2017
Measured "Alone in Berlin" delivers noteworthy message 2/10/2017
Keanu Reeves back with a vengeance in "John Wick: Chapter 2" 2/9/2017
"A Dog's Purpose" a doggy downer of grief, neglect 1/25/2017
Poet in motion: Bus driver watches world pass by in "Paterson" 1/19/2017
M. Night Shyamalan back to his old magic with gripping "Split" 1/18/2017
"The Founder": Intelligent fun on a sesame seed bun 1/17/2017
Annette Bening the standout of superb "20th Century Women" cast 1/12/2017
Talking tree all bark, little bite in "A Monster Calls" 1/5/2017
"Silence": Scorsese revisits issues of faith in haunting style 1/5/2017
Exhilarating "La La Land" depicts love in classic musical fashion 12/15/2016
"Bad Santa 2": Thornton's crass Kringle returns minus the humor 11/23/2016
Catchy songs, charming teen star animate the gorgeous "Moana" 11/21/2016
Rebecca Hall a stunner as a doomed reporter in "Christine" 11/17/2016
Prof tries to talk to the aliens in exhilarating "Arrival" 11/10/2016
"Almost Christmas": Great cast home, hopelessly lame for holidays 11/9/2016
The blood and the beliefs flow in Mel Gibson's "Hacksaw Ridge" 11/2/2016
"Moonlight": Boy becomes man in a vibrant film about a tough life 10/27/2016
"The Handmaiden": Crush complicates the con in multi-layered tale 10/27/2016
"The Accountant": Ben Affleck an entertaining transaction hero 10/12/2016
"American Honey" an eye-opening peek at how young people party 10/6/2016
"The Girl on the Train": Ludicrous thriller goes off the rails 10/5/2016
"Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" neglects the kids 9/29/2016
"Queen of Katwe": Uplifting story of playing chess for success 9/21/2016
Lightweight "Magnificent Seven" entertains with guns blazing 9/20/2016
In "Snowden," Oliver Stone depicts the NSA leaker as pure hero 9/14/2016
"Sully": Brace for emotional impact of Tom Hanks" cockpit triumph 9/9/2016
"The Light Between Oceans": Soap gets in your teary eyes 8/30/2016
"Hands of Stone": As Roberto Duran, Ramirez boxes like a champ 8/25/2016
Jonah Hill, Miles Teller armed and hilarious in slick "War Dogs" 8/16/2016
"Hell or High Water": Modern western the year's best film so far 8/11/2016
"Bad Moms": Funny women go awesomely over the top 7/28/2016
"Jason Bourne": A welcome return for Matt Damon's spirited spy 7/28/2016
"Microbe & Gasoline": Teen outcasts roam under eternal sunshine 7/28/2016
"Tallulah": The funny, moving story of a baby snatcher 7/28/2016
Determined to be hip, "Nerve" catches all the high school cliches 7/26/2016
"Lights Out": In the dark, this supremely scary movie glows 7/21/2016
"Ghostbusters" reboot a horrifying mess 7/17/2016
"Swiss Army Man": Bold, weird, with Daniel Radcliffe good & dead 6/30/2016
"The Legend of Tarzan": Decent jungle yarn, nothing to yell about 6/29/2016
"Independence Day: Resurgence": Quality descends in sci-fi sequel 6/25/2016
"Free State of Jones": Debatable premise but brilliant execution 6/23/2016
"The Neon Demon": Stylish horror story lacks much substance 6/23/2016
"Genius": In biopic, great actors play great authors with gusto 6/16/2016
"Not a Stranger" has real feel for Chicago talk, Chicago streets 6/9/2016
"The Conjuring 2": Too much of a good, scary thing 6/7/2016
"Me Before You" goes to extremes to wring the tears 6/2/2016
Quicksilver's heroics rev up routine "X-Men: Apocalypse" 5/24/2016
"Love & Friendship" has strong sense of Austen's sensibility 5/19/2016
"Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising" stays too long at the party 5/18/2016
"The Nice Guys": Crowe, Gosling hard-bitten but hilarious 5/17/2016
12 things you didn"t know about "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" 5/15/2016
"Being Charlie": Stoned or sober, the hero's a little weasel 5/12/2016
"How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town" neither sexy nor funny 5/12/2016
George, Julia the key assets in tense, funny "Money Monster" 5/12/2016
"The Trust": Nicolas Cage, Jerry Lewis and an entertaining heist 5/11/2016
"Captain America: Civil War" review: Choose your own avenger 5/3/2016
"Mother's Day": Stupid crapfest should be neither seen nor heard 4/28/2016
"The Meddler": Susan Sarandon wins us over with her mom mentality 4/28/2016
"Elvis & Nixon": 2 pros excel as icons with ambitious minds 4/19/2016
"Criminal": Kevin Costner stoked, Oldman a joke in loony thriller 4/13/2016
"The Jungle Book": It all looks real as boy meets talking animals 4/12/2016
"Mr. Right": Sam Rockwell as the hit man of her dreams 4/7/2016
"Remember": An improbable revenge story with some wrinkles 4/7/2016
"I Saw the Light": Routine Hank Williams bio looks, sounds great 3/30/2016
"Get a Job": A decent millennial comedy emerges from limbo 3/24/2016
"Eddie the Eagle": Skiing is believing in uplifting story reminiscent of "Rudy" 3/6/2016
"Rolling Papers": Pot becomes legal, and newspaper rolls with it 3/6/2016
"The Big Short": Jocular fun with collateralized debt obligations 3/6/2016
"Zootopia": Clever critters in one of the best animated films ever 3/2/2016
From 1991: Richard Roeper visits the "Home Alone" house in Winnetka 12/4/2015
"I Smile Back": As a destructive addict, Sarah Silverman shows serious talent 11/5/2015
"Experimenter": Stylistic jolts don"t always help academic drama 10/21/2015
In 1975's "Mahogany," Diana Ross timeless, but the attitudes aren't 8/21/2015
"Digging for Fire": Discovery in the dirt unearths some truths 8/20/2015
"Strangerland": Nicole Kidman, beautiful images in irritating Aussie story 7/9/2015
"Self/Less": Body switch leads to fascinating questions, tiresome action 7/6/2015
"Inside Out": A funny, gorgeous exploration of one girl's brain 6/15/2015
James Franco delivers powerful performance as real-life killer in "True Story" 4/16/2015
"An Honest Liar": How the Amazing Randi debunked psychic frauds 3/19/2015
"Focus": Will Smith clearly back on track in smart, stylish film 2/27/2015
"The Babadook": Storybook monster comes to life in year's scariest movie 12/18/2014
"Come As You Are" review: Funny movie freshens up the road-trip cliches 11/20/2014
"Interstellar": Epic beauty in its effects and its ideas 11/4/2014
"Nightcrawler": Jake Gyllenhaal a convincing creep, but gaffes spoil story 10/30/2014
"Rudderless": Jarring twist makes a good film even better 10/16/2014
"A Walk Among the Tombstones": Liam Neeson, wise and weary 9/18/2014
"This Is Where I Leave You": Tina Fey, Jason Bateman deserve better 9/18/2014
"Tusk": Kevin Smith's uniquely twisted curiosity cuts deep 9/18/2014