Michael Sneed


Michael Sneed is a columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times.

City’s top politicians on board to honor legendary Cubs announcer
First baseman and former Yankee wasn’t just a showman – he could play ball
El sindicato de bomberos está recolectando donaciones para la familia de Walter Stewart.
The fire Tuesday at firefighter Walter Stewart’s Montclare home while he was on duty has now claimed the lives of his wife and three children.
The activist priest is calling for the next superintendent to be promoted from within the ranks of the Chicago Police Department.
SNEED EXCLUSIVE: Robert F. Kennedy’s killer was denied parole after his son, Christopher — who lives in the Chicago suburbs — spoke forcefully against it before the California Parole Board last week.
Sneed: Twist and turns of South Carolina case are reminiscent of our own Spilotro case from the ‘70s.
Sneed: At 98 years old, America’s moral compass is in hospice care.
Nations, who is running in 43rd Ward, was once molested on a CTA staircase.