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Winner of eight Pulitzer Prizes, the Chicago Sun-Times is Chicago’s oldest continuously published daily newspaper in the city. Founded in 1948 through a merger of the Chicago Sun and the Daily Times, it features hard-hitting investigative reporting, in-depth political coverage, timely behind-the-scenes sports analysis, and insightful entertainment and cultural coverage.  In 2022, it became part of the Chicago Public Media family of companies and now operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. You can download our latest financial report here.

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Board of Directors

Matt Moog, Chicago Public Media

Adrienne King, Bain & Company

Lerry Knox, Sovereign Infrastructure Group

Kristen Mack, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation 

Aretae Ortiz Wyler, The Atlantic


We are committed to diversity, both in the way we structure our daily news report and in the staffing of our newsroom — realizing that we, like other newsrooms, need to improve on staffing to reflect the diversity of the region we cover. In all, our newsroom is 70% white, 14% black, 11% Hispanic and 4% percent Asian. Our news staff is 69% male and 31% female. Read our newsroom diversity report here.


  • Executive Editor: Jennifer Kho
  • Chief Digital Strategist: Matt Watson
  • Director of Newsroom Culture and Community Engagement/Columnist: Mary Mitchell


Editorial Board

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  • News and Design Editor: Joel Carlson
  • Page One Design Editor: Bryan Barker
  • Assistant News and Design Editor: Eric White
  • News Copy Editor: Jeffrey Britt
  • Sports Page Design Editors: Matt Corradino, Rob Hollingsworth, Akiko Spencer
  • Sports Copy Editors: Bob Mazzoni, Humberto Perez
  • Sports Page Design Editors: Dennis Sabo, John Silver
  • News Page Design Editor: Rich Zamudio