Mary Mitchell


Mary Mitchell is a columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times.

He built his family a beautiful home on the South Side of the city and co-founded a business that provided steady employment so others could do the same.
Lightfoot invirtió recursos municipales en vecindarios negros y latinos que fueron descuidados durante mucho tiempo.
With eight challengers vying for her seat, Lightfoot fought hard to stay in an elite club.
If he survives, Kelly will be an old man when he walks out of prison. I can’t predict the future, but more than likely, Kelly will never have the fame and fortune that allowed him to lure underage girls into a sexual trap.
Nearly 50 years ago, “Roots” told the African American story. “The 1619 Project” picks up where author Alex Haley left off.
Jonathan Jackson wins 1st Congressional District seat.
Tracee Ellis Ross’ “Hair Tales,” an ode to Black women’s hair that’s streaming on Hulu, comes at a time the notion that we can use chemical relaxers for years without harm to our health is being challenged in court.
And maybe his conviction and sentencing might also prompt other sexual abusers to get the psychiatric help they need before it’s too late.
We keep punishing criminals, but that doesn’t result in less crime. With “R.J.,” “We are looking at actual accountability and not just punishment,” says one supporter of the approach.