Letters to the Editor

Submissions from Chicago Sun-Times readers weighing in on issues facing the city and its residents.

I want to ask those who vote to elect, and re-elect these ultra pro-gun politicians: Are you, too, not contributing to this epidemic of mass murder?
Malinformation has a seed of truth, or makes selective use of facts, but is repackaged and shared with the specific intent to cause harm.
We should be taking steps to reduce oil drilling, with a carbon-fee-and-dividend plan and eliminating subsidies to the oil, natural gas and coal industries.
Given the 20- to 30-year lifespan of new wind and solar farms, decisions made today on where we build and how new sites are stewarded will have lasting effects for future generations.
We should enforce equitable consumer protections on every regulated energy monopoly operating in the state, regardless of the energy type that they deliver.
Public transportation cannot afford to lose more riders and must entice riders back to pre-pandemic levels. Smoking on trains and platforms is something that could easily be addressed,
The War in Iraq took up so much attention in 2003, while its 20th anniversary will likely garner a tiny fraction of that attention. It is now a struggle to prevent the war and its aftermath, as well as those who protested for peace, from being forgotten.
We should also create the Illinois Food Rescue Authority, a business-to-business logistical platform for delivering otherwise discarded, perfectly usable food to food banks, pantries and charities.
The most important aspect of police leadership is the hands-on supervisors — the sergeants, lieutenants, and lesser ranks who are involved in the everyday decisions a cop makes.
Voter vehemence on both sides of the proposed new bail law could cost the candidates votes.
And how about resurfacing the streets?
Expand the child tax credit and enact a renter tax credit to ensure fairness for the average American.
Now is the time to make these important, common-sense changes that will set up the industry and its members for success well into the future.
NASCAR should have been scheduled in September, not in July. Then, you would have one group of tourists coming in July to enjoy Taste, and another different group of people coming for NASCAR a few months later. That would be win-win for both.
Public parkland was not put here to make money, it was established as part of the grand plan of the city to ensure the health and well-being of the inhabitants.
Lowering the speed limit in urban areas to 20 mph would be an undue burden on motorists who must travel a great distance to get to work. Of course, it would also mean a windfall for the cash cow speed cameras.
Like Muhammad Ali, Joe Biden doesn’t know when to exit the stage. Maybe Biden will rise to heights unprecedented if he’s elected again and begins his next term as an 82-year-old. On the other hand, maybe he won’t.
When someone is being harassed, denigrated and threatened, others have a responsibility to say something.
The Sun-Times mentioned the trip Johnson made over the weekend but did not do so in context of who he actually is.
Spend any time in a neighborhood facing challenges, and you will realize it is filled with courage, hope and tireless effort. With a small investment from the city, these communities flourish.
It’s time that elected officials elsewhere in the country follow Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s lead.
If we could be a little less convenience-addicted and a bit more organized, we could reduce the unnecessary flow of plastic into our environment.
Known as an excellent attorney and very hard worker, the mayor was an achiever. Yet, in the end, Lori Lightfoot was simply not a good politician. Politics is often about making concessions, building alliances and, quite simply, getting along with others.
How much better off would we be today if his programs were passed by Congress?