Climate news, including natural resources, endangered species, sustainability and conservation in Chicago.

At a forum in Pilsen, both mayoral candidates vowed to revive the shuttered agency to improve air, water quality and enforce ordinances to bring polluters into compliance.
With early voting underway, mayoral hopefuls Brandon Johnson and Paul Vallas were urged to not only focus on public safety, but also on ‘environmental violence.’
Saving the planet will require cooperation across the globe, huge sums of investment and a willingness to work hard to make big things happen.
Patients rack up big medical bills because they don’t know financial help is available. A proposed law would mandate that hospitals screen the uninsured for financial aid.
It shouldn’t require a federal lawsuit to get the U.S Army Corps of Engineers to find an environmentally suitable alternative.
The area should be converted to parkland, say organizers who want dredged toxic sediment from the Calumet River sent elsewhere.
The city’s inspector general’s office reports the city still hasn’t fixed problems with making sure businesses, apartment buildings and condos provide recycling.
The CTA started experimenting with electric buses in 2014, and has developed a system it thinks will work as the transit authority moves to an all-electric fleet by 2040.
The proposed rule is a victory for the biofuels industry, which for years has pushed to allow sales of gasoline blended with 15% ethanol during the summer.
Using computer simulations, scientists calculated that one hurricane hitting the same place soon after another could happen every two to three years.
Both tornadoes were classified as EF-0 — the weakest rating — and carried winds of 80 to 85 mph, according to the National Weather Service.
MAT Asphalt, the target of community complaints, was the low bidder on two of five city contracts.
A previously secret watchdog report accuses officials of being negligent and incompetent before the 2020 debacle that coated the community in dust.
The Chicago-based company is working with a shipper and a builder of charging stations for heavy-duty vehicles.
A once-secret inspector general’s report says City Hall dropped the ball on the Crawford plant implosion in 2020.
In the first 11 hours, the region had felt 13 significant aftershocks with a magnitude of at least 5. Aid, rescuers are rushing to Turkey and Syria from across the globe.
Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez is concerned about a series of problems at the car-shredding operation. The fire started Saturday in a pile of scrap. No injuries were reported.
Finding an unbroken, contiguous stretch of open land is hard in an urban area. Some environmentalists worry this idea is on the back burner.
Chemicals commonly known as PFAS are tied to cancer and other health conditions.
The mayor called the slowdown a “parliamentary game” and tried to call the Council back to meet Tuesday, just to rescue the deal. But that effort also was defeated, and the Council isn’t scheduled to meet again until March.
The owner of the relocated, rebranded General Iron wants an administrative law judge to overturn the city’s decision to block the facility’s opening.