Darel Jevens

Entertainment editor

Darel Jevens is entertainment editor at the Chicago Sun-Times.

The show, full of songs alluding to the state’s people and places, will make its world premiere in New York State and then run at Chicago Shakespeare Theater.
Keanu Reeves was to star in adaptation of the Chicago novel, which reportedly is being shopped to other outlets.
Streaming service calls the Chicago-made series ‘wholly unique, ambitious, and fearless’ but won’t proceed with Season 4.
He’ll be deciding cases in Los Angeles as star of a series from Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group.
The Hollywood trades report Greg Mathis’ syndicated legal series, shot at the NBC Tower in Streeterville, will not return for a new season this fall.
The shows are part of the 73-year-old superstar’s first major tour with the band in six years.
Two-time Oscar nominee, for ‘Close Encounters’ and ‘Absence of Malice,’ got her start at Goodman School and Second City.
The fake ad showing Jake breaking up a marriage ‘had us howling,’ insurance company tweets.
The performer, who continued to do comedy after developing the neurodegenerative disease, ‘died with dignity on his own terms,’ says his life partner and caregiver.