Brett Chase

Reporter - (Environmental, Planning & Public Health)

Brett Chase reports on environmental protection, pollution and public health under a grant from The Chicago Community Trust. He is a former investigative reporter for the Better Government Association, and, before that, worked at Bloomberg News, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Crain’s Chicago Business. He has a journalism degree from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, and has taught journalism at Loyola University in Chicago.

Researchers at Rush University Medical Center say they already know enough to believe that vaccination likely helps prevent lasting symptoms seen with long COVID.
The area should be converted to parkland, say organizers who want dredged toxic sediment from the Calumet River sent elsewhere.
The city’s inspector general’s office reports the city still hasn’t fixed problems with making sure businesses, apartment buildings and condos provide recycling.
Incumbents Michelle Harris (8th), Anthony Beale (9th) and Jeanette Taylor (20th) had comfortable leads Tuesday evening. With a wide field of candidates, at least some races are expected to be headed to the April 4 runoff.
MAT Asphalt, the target of community complaints, was the low bidder on two of five city contracts.
Un reporte que hasta ahora había permanecido secreto acusa a los funcionarios municipales de negligencia e incompetencia por la implosión de la planta de Crawford que cubrió a la comunidad en polvo en 2020.
A previously secret watchdog report accuses officials of being negligent and incompetent before the 2020 debacle that coated the community in dust.
En el distrito 10, Yessenia Carreón, Peter Chico, Ana Guajardo, Óscar Sánchez y Jessica Venegas se postulan para reemplazar a la concejal Susan Sadlowski Garza. En el distrito 12, la recién nombrada concejal Anabel Abarca es desafiada por Julia Ramírez.
In the 10th, Yessenia Carreón, Peter Chico, Ana Guajardo, Óscar Sanchez and Jessica Venegas are running to succeed Ald. Susan Sadlowski Garza. And in the 12th, newly appointed Ald. Anabel Abarca is challenged by Julia Ramirez.