Ben Jealous


President of People For the American Way and a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

This April 4 election will pick the swing vote on the state’s Supreme Court, which is dominated by a far-right majority. The Wisconsin race may even decide the next presidential election.
Bank lending for drilling projects like Willow is not only bad for the environment. It will weaken the impact of a historic $370 billion investment our country will make in the next decade on green technology and alternatives to oil and gas.
Kamala Harris broke ground as the first woman vice president, but she also made history for her tie-breaking vote on a bill that includes massive spending to fight climate change.
Through an intersection of bipartisan interest and once-in-a-generation federal funding, we may finally have a chance to end the spiral toward extinction of salmon, orcas that feed on salmon and the cultures of tribal nations who consider the salmon their first food.
During a time of great peril for our country, Americans still believe that we have things in common worth fighting for. But all the self-interested need to do to win is to drive a wedge between us. That’s a much easier task to accomplish than the unity I’ve seen
The EPA and Transportation Department must ensure that Norfolk Southern meets its obligation to make things right.
Let’s not accept the isolation so many feel and the polarization we see in our public discourse as reinforcing and insurmountable.
The question remains the eternal one when we see injustice, inequity and threats like climate change that are unquestionably existential. How do we pick up the pace?
In every state, county and community we must stand firm together against those who will work to undercut efforts to move away from fossil fuels and defend practices that destroy our wild places.